Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Presenting the Queen Mother

Here is my little Brittster Man, being such a good boy at my grandmother's big celebration. I think he drank an entire bowl of punch - see the mustache? The celebration was almost 4 hours long, and both of my children were perfect angels the entire time! I was such a proud mom. And they were the only little kids there, too. It was wonderful for people from "home" to be able to see my precious babies, some for the first time...

And here she is! The Queen Mother, Alberta Creamer, better known as "Grandma Bert" to us. She posed with Brailey Shaye for this picture. 87 years old! Isn't she pretty? She's the one who actually came up with our nickname, "The 4 B's." The Queen Mother is something she's always dreamed of being, and this was a wonderful celebration for her. Every year, Harney County picks a Queen Mother and a President for their Pioneer Days Celebration, and this year, they picked Grandma Bert. We were all so proud!

This is the presentation, where her three kids walked her up to her special chair or "throne," if you will, and presented her with a corsage and her tiara. The oldest is my Uncle Walt, who is in the black, then my dad in the green is the middle child and my Aunt Sharon is the baby of the family and the only girl. This was a special moment for Grandma Bert and something she will never forget, I'm sure...

Here you see Grandma Bert with my dad and her daughter, my Aunt Sharon. Each one of her kids said something about her life, and Uncle Walt was speaking when I took this picture. Aunt Sharon and Dad were really nervous to speak in front of so many people, but they did a wonderful job - in fact, all three of her kids did well! It brought a tear to my eye to hear my dad - I share his fear of public speaking, so it was a proud moment for me to see him get through his speech so well.

Here she is... The Queen Mother of Harney County 2010, Alberta Creamer. See her beautiful crown?

Brailey Shaye got a "real digital camera" for her birthday this year, and she love-love-loves to take pictures. Hence, there is actually a picture of Big Mama! And I have to say, she is already a good photographer. She's got the eye, if you know what I'm sayin'...

And of course you know I can't resist posting a picture of my two little B's. There was a big family picture taken that I am hoping to get from my Aunt Sharon that I will post. People traveled from afar to be there for Grandma Bert. The 4 B's traveled the farthest distance, then my Uncle Walt, who lives in Fernley, Nevada. His son Lloyd brought his family from Christmas Valley, and Aunt Sharon's son, wife and grandson came from Central Oregon. My brother was there with his wife, and of course my parents, and they all live in Harney County, so not much traveling for them, nor for Aunt Sharon and her husband, who also live there. The point being, though, she had a wonderful showing of family and friends, and I hope it is a memory she will always treasure.


  1. OH HOW COOL is THAT??? I had never heard of Harney County Queen Mother...and YES she is beautiful....LOVED the pics, the punch mustache man (Britt) and Miss Brailey with her hand on her hip is sooo beautiful and then there is Big Mamma, still just as beautiful as ever!!! Neat way to celebrate your family!! thanks for sharing & I look forward to seeing the group family picture!!!
    Love Ya!

  2. That is a really pretty picture of you that Miss Brailey took!Thanks for the family pics! Your mom's hair has gotten a lot longer! sounded like a WONDERFUL weekend! :)


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