Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Vacation Begins

Here are my B's on the last day of school. They each had a field day, which I stayed for at Britt's school and hung out with my Twin, and then Britt and I went to Brailey's school and picked her up a little early. I couldn't wait any longer...! Thus, our summer vacation began.

This is Britt with two of his best buddies from Kindergarten, Brody and Coleman. Aren't they adorable?! The entire Kindergarten class made tie-dye shirts and decorated hats the week before, and then they all wore them on the last day's celebration. Britt wasn't too thrilled about the style of hat, and he said to me in the car on the way to his school, "Mom, I'm really not crazy about the hat Miss Julie picked out. Do I have to wear it?" And I told him yes, he did, because it would be rude not to. And so he wore it all morning - such a good boy! And he loves the shirt he "made." Brailey has one from when she was in Kindergarten, also, so that is a nice tradition we experienced. And the hat? Britt gave his to Brailey as soon as we got home...

And the little B's and the little Lamberts eaned their rewards for getting more Stars than Marks - a sleepover! This was the first one for my kiddos. So off Britt went to Griffin's house, where he had the time of his life playing Star Wars, and Jaden came to our house, where she and Brailey did everything under the sun. Here you can see they dressed up and put on a "concert" for Brady and I. They did each other's makeup and had a big time singing Hannah Montana's karaoke.

This was Jaden's second time ever on a horse, and her first time bareback. Pictures like this are classic, aren't they? Adorable!

The morning after the big sleepovers, our two families met at the park for a big Safety Rodeo, where each kid got a free bike helmut and a free life jacket. They made us earn the jacket by going to all the different stations to get a "stamp" after they educated the kids on different safety factors, such as what to do in a fire, how to wear the the life jacket, etc. It was a wonderful educational experience and nice to be there with another family.

JJ and Shaye-Shaye posing for the camera. And Jaden said to Kimmy and I, "You guys can put this on your blogs!" Does that girl know us or what?

The adorable "little" brothers... I wish Britt's eyes were open in this picture, but it is still cute. And he was tired - he had to take a nap when we got home!

I snuck this picture through the window the other afternoon. There is nothing Brailey loves more than putting makeup on someone. She had an especially good time making Indian marks on Chief Britt. We have been loving every second of this nice weather. Summer vacation is finally here, and we are thrilled!

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  1. By golly...those are the CUTEST darn kids on this planet! Are we lucky or what? Time to plan our next one! I'll take the girls and you can have the Jedi's!!! Luv ya..thank you for always having your camera!!!


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