Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Weekend in Harney County

Can you believe how big this slide is? It is in the Hines City Park, and I think my own mother may have slid on it when she was a kid. I know I did! The kids were thrilled with it, as you can imagine. It was BIG fun!

At the top of the slide... Happy as can "B!"

Brady discovered a new treat that he loves and I quite like myself - Charleston Chews. They are delicious! He was giving my dad moral support while he worked on his beloved old red pickup. We call it "Old Red." It has been sitting in Hines for six years while my parents lived in Sisters and rented their place in Hines, and now Old Red is up and running! You should have seen the smile on my dad's face when it started up - still runs like a sewing machine! Just needed a little fine tuning to get it going.

Thanks to a little imagination, which I think comes from not having video games in our lives, Britt managed to entertain himself by rolling this tire down the hill several times at my mom and dad's place. We all got a good laugh when his dad told him to go farther up the hill to have it roll farther down the hill, and Britt said, "Nooooo... Okay! Go ahead, but if you roll it, you have to go get it!" It was so cute to us, because that is what we told him - however far you roll it, you have to go get it. See? I told you he was a smart boy.

My dad's older brother, Uncle Walt, came up for a surprise visit after the big Pioneer Day Celebration. It was fun to listen to him talk - he's quite the entertaining fellow. I told Brady he reminds me of the comedian Ron White, for some reason. I thought this was a cute picture of them talking while Dad worked on Old Red.

And here are the two lovelies and two of my favorite people in the entire world, my mom and my baby girl. My mom has such a knack for decorating and yard work, and although she was heartbroken over the state the renters left her house and yard in, she has rallied her strengths and worked her tail off to make it all look great! I was expecting to see the place in shambles when we arrived, but it looks really good, and I love all the things she has done to her yard. She's always loved to work in her yard, so it has actually been nice for her to be back home so she can do what she loves - she couldn't do anything to the yard in Sisters, because they had landscapers come in. So that has been a plus for her, for sure. And her eyes are still not great, but they are healing slowly, and maybe once she gets some glasses, they will be okay. We'll have to wait and see (no pun intendend). In the meantime, she has her yard work to keep her occupied, which is a wonderful thing.

Britt picked this bunch of wildflowers for Brailey Shaye on one of his trips down the hill to get the tire, and as you can tell from her face, she was thrilled! What can we say? The girl adores flowers!


  1. What great pictures and so cool to have royalty in your family! I love the one of your dad and uncle and that truck - maybe turn into that sepia color (brownish) and blow it up big for a present sometime? it is really a cool picture. britt and his tire - oh my! that is good entertainment for sure!!! such blue sky there, jealous. it has been grey and yucky here in Seattle! miss you, coley

  2. Bo! This is just great! What a beautiful family and wonderful life you have! I will be following your blog so keep it up girl!
    love and hugs

    your friend, Debbie Bentz


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