Monday, July 12, 2010

First Week of July Fun

I finally went through all the boxes my mother sent home with me from when she was packing up to move from Sisters (there were several), and low and behold! There was a ton of stuff for the kiddos, of course, including a gynormous bag of jewelry. As you can see, it was just like a bag of pirate loot for Britt, and he was thrilled to try the more manly stuff on.

My two B's in their little wading pool, splashing about on a hot summer day. It may not be a big pool, but it does manage to cool a body off when it is hot. What more do we need?! Although as you can see, they are almost growing out of it. This may be the last year for the little wader - they may have to graduate to a sprinkler next summer...

And mid-week we traveled to Sweet Home, where Brady judged the rodeo. Here, the kiddos got to ride their horses while Brady set up for slack the next morning. It was so good for them! Quickity Split (Britt's horse) has turned out to be a real gem. It was a great place for them to ride and worth taking them along ("them" being the horses). We came home after the rodeo Friday night, and then Brady headed back on Saturday for the rest of the weekend while the kids and I partook in our special lady Allison's wedding festivities. Stay tuned for pictures - coming soon to this blog!

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  1. OMG.. YOU HAVE TO FRAME THAT PIC OF BRITTSTER! It is too cute! His eyes are mezmorizing!


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