Monday, July 26, 2010

Long Beach 2010

(Brailey pointed out to me this said Murrays with an "s," not Murray...)
(The little artist drew a horse shoe above "Murrays.")
Every year in July, for the past six years, now, The 4 B's pack up and head to Long Beach WA for the rodeo. We love this rodeo because of its location. The beach! Actually, the longest beach in the world, they claim... We had a wonderful time this year, because the rodeo entries were down, and so we had more time for fun, and we enjoyed every second of it! We found a new spot on the beach where we were able to drive our pickup, right on the ocean sand, and that was truly exciting! It was pretty chilly up there, so we had to bundle up, but the sun burnt threw the cloud cover eventually on Saturday afternoon, and we woke up to sunshine on Sunday morning. It was awesome, as always, and our little mini-vacay, as we call it. Splendid!


  1. we ALWAYS loved Longview!! I really miss some parts of rodeo...but as I get older, its really nice to be home....I know Larry really misses the pics, especially of all of you by the wagon..very cool!
    Love to you all~

  2. ok, just wanted to let you know also, I finally updated MY blog....
    I am terrible at keeping that thing updated!!!


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