Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Rehearsal

Aren't we tricky? We took this picture ourselves with the self-timer feature. All dressed up and ready to rehearse!
Britt was posing for me with some fancy moves... Pirate or Star Wars, I think?
Brailey Shaye brought her camera along, and since the wedding was held at the rose garden, she was in heaven, because she love-love-LOVES roses and she also loves to take pictures of them. This is another quality she got from her Aunti Nicoley, because I'm not one to take pictures of flowers. But they both have that artistic eye that sees what others can't. I love it!
We had to do a lot of waiting, and Britt got a bit tired... Being "King of the Rings" was hard work!
Here you see the beautiful (inside and out!) bride, Allison, with her dad.
I loved Allison's dress so much! She looked just like something out of Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe from Sex and the City. She looked FABULOUS!
Brailey got to stand next to Livia, one of the ice skating coaches from the rink. Everyone looked so beautiful!
Britt standing with the big boys. I love my handsome boy!
Allison was the best bride I've ever seen! After the rehearsal dinner at North Bank, she took all the kids swimming, which consisted of her three flower girls, the ring boy and her little five year old boy cousin from Texas. They had a BIG time in the pool! Allison was exhausted after a day of preparations for the wedding, a wine tour, rehearsal and all the thousands of last minute things a bride has to do, but she made time for the kiddos, and I think that tells the story of her character. No Bridezilla, here - she was the perfect bride! You can see how tall she really is without those famous heels she always wears on her feet in this picture. Don't you love that dress?! My kids love this lady more than words can say... Actually, all 4 B's love her dearly! One the way home from swimming, the kids read the heartfelt thank you cards she wrote to them, and she thanked Britt for being her "first true love," which he was quite proud of. He said, "Well, we did date." And Brailey said, "I can't believe you went on dates as a four year old!" It was so cute... After a few seconds of silence, Brailey said, "I love Allison so much!" It melted my heart. Allison is the only bride who has ever brought me to tears. (If you don't know me, Big Mama doesn't cry. Ever.)

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  1. What a beautiful picture of you and your kids!! sounds like a fun time..so sweet! Brittster is getting tall this summer!


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