Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Wedding

Well, I think it is easy to see the story in the pictures above. It was a GORGEOUS wedding... And what made it so pretty was the wonderful atmosphere of love and happiness. Britt actually got to carry THE RINGS on a plate, tied on by a ribbon. He took his job very seriously, and never once did he set it down until the rings were safely placed on the fingers of the bride and groom. He must have had them in his care for at least two hours. Brailey Shaye made new friends - actually all four of the kiddos in the wedding did, but Brailey and Annison hit it off especially well. Lilly, the youngest flower girl, was a hoot and kept her mother, who was also in the wedding, hopping, from retying the bow in the front of her dress a zillion times to fixing her hair piece that kept getting pulled out to wiping dog poo off her little feet... I may be one of the mothers, but all four of the children were darling! I didn't get nearly as many pictures as I would have liked. Everything happened so quickly from the time we got to the Rose Garden for pictures until the ceremony, and I felt like I took a thousand pictures, but I still didn't get one of Allison with the two B's, other than the one from the night before. Oh well... What can we say? That's the way weddings go, right? It was so special for my babies to be a part of this wedding, and I felt like they were truly appreciated and loved and it was a wonderful representation of the relationship they have with Allison. Brailey feels like Allison is her sister, and if you know the story of our family, you will know what a blessing it is for us to have Allison in our lives. She's been in our lives since Brailey was three years old - they bonded on the ice. Allison is Brailey's ice skating coach, and a whole lot more. Britt was actually not happy that Jay came in and swept Allison away, because he considered Allison his girlfriend until she became engaged last summer, and it took him quite a while to decide that it was okay for her to marry Jay. Ahhhhhhhhh... What a wedding it was! It was love and hope and everything wonderful!

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