Monday, August 16, 2010

The B's with JJ and G

Here they are, the cutest, nicest, most wonderful kids in the world! We got to go to our favorite Lambert family's house at the end of last week for some fun in the sun. They have this perfect-sized pool, and the kiddos had a blast in it! It was super hot, so they enjoyed every second of playing in the H2O. And I enjoyed every second of "my time" with my twin, Little Mama. It had been over a couple of weeks since we had seen each other, and if felt like months! Brady stopped by after work and ate delicous burgers Brian grilled for us, so it was a family affair, for sure. Now Brady has decided that our kids are old enough to have a little pool like this... So next summer, once we get our lawn in (I'm praying that happens this fall), we'll have to start shopping around for a fun pool like this one.

It has been such a fun summer! I've been getting those back-to-school blues that I usually get around this time of year, though. I've loved every second spent with my babies, and I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that we only have a little over three weeks left. I think my B's feel it, too, because I've been getting lots and lots of extra hugs, lately, and they've been following me around more than usual, just like puppy dogs... What can I say? My children and I love each other! I am devastated to be sending Brittster Man into first grade. He'll be at school ALL DAY LONG! It was hard enough sending Brailey for that long, but I used to have Britt to tide me over until she got out of school, and now it will be all up to me to entertain myself without them. I know, I know! I'll manage! Still, just the mere thought sends me down My Kids Are Growing Up Too Damn Fast Road. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Scares me senseless! And we all know I barely have any sense as it is... Yikes! WHAT WILL I DO?! Poor Big Mama... Send prayers my way, please! I need em'.


  1. They are so cute!! We had a blast!! they are growing way too fast!! we have to keep them young :) together

  2. oh a POOL!! how cool!!! love getting the updates, sooooo nice to hear the happiness in your you all!


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