Monday, August 30, 2010

Football Season Begins! Pop Warner Style...

OH MAN! Can you  believe it?! My BABY in football pads! Last Monday marked the beginning of Pop Warner football season. They practiced for two hours every evening, and so far, Britt really likes it! The first night, they got to try on their pads and jerseys to see if they fit or not, but they only practiced with helmuts for the first 10 hours (two hours every night). Tonight is the first night of full pads, so it will be a whole new ball game (pun intended)! Britt said the only torture of the practice is the helmut, because it is hard to get used to and hurts his head. Wonder what he will think about the pads? He is doing a great job of being a good listener, and the coaches are fabulous! They keep the attention of their players focused on football at all times. In that regard, it is almost comical for a mother, because the coaches are so serious with these little 5-6 year old boys, and you can tell how passionate they are about football. But in another regard, I really appreciate their drive and discipline with the boys, especially after enduring the most ridiculous Tee Ball season ever last spring, and I have come to realize that is the kind of parent I am - my parenting style is just like a football coach! Anyway, it has been great fun, so far, and both Brady and I are proud of Britt for being a good listener and and trying his best to do what is asked of him. He is very thoughtful about what he does and makes sure he does it the correct way, which is adorable to watch. My parents were able to catch his practice this past Friday, and they were as impressed as Brady and I with the coaches and the program and Britt. So we are in full football mode at The 4 B's ranch! It is amazing how much they are learning, so hopefully Britt will have the fundamentals he will need to be a successful football player when he is Brady and my retirement. That's what we tell him, you know... That he's our retirement. All in good fun! As we head into this week and full pads/gear, we are also heading into real tackling. Should be interesting... I hope my baby doesn't get hurt! Brailey is enjoying the season, also, because she gets to go to her bestie's house to play for a couple of nights a week while Britt practices. It is really nice for her to get to go there, because two hour practices are kind of long for her to endure. But Britt has sat through hours upon hours of ice skating lessons, so it all works out. And in case you were wondering? I'm adjusting to the changes in our schedule. I just like to do my changing with a lot of drama, hence my detour into Bitchville... I'm finding my way back to Happy Land, thought, so no worries!
This is one of Britt's best friends, Brody. They met in preschool as 3 year olds and graduated from kindergarten together. This year they will be in different schools, so it will be nice for them to stay connected through football.

Brady got to help on Friday, and Britt was so thrilled he got to be in his daddy's line! It was a proud moment for our family. Special times...

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  1. OMG..Our Little Brittster looks so damn cute in his uniform!!!


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