Monday, August 23, 2010

Last Rodeo of the Summer - Tygh Valley

The 4 B's made their way to Tygh Valley this past weekend for our last rodeo of the summer, and it was wonderful! It was a little lonesome this year, because my parents were unable to come. Last year they met us there and camped for the weekend, and we all had a big time. Still, we managed to have a great time - it just would have been "even better" with Grammy and Papa there...
See our tattoos?! Brady and I SPLURGED and got airbrushed tattoos! It was so fun. They are lasting pretty well! Brailey Shaye took this picture for us - she has gotten to be a great photographer this summer.

We entered the local horse show on Saturday, which was Britt's first time and Brailey's second, so we are true beginners. They did great! Here you see them leaving the trailer, going to the track to warm up the boys. They were too cute for words, and yes I am their mother, but it is oh-so-TRUE!

"Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke..." Brady and I love Eric Church's new song, "Smoke," and this picture reminds me of it! Brady is drinking his morning coffee and our good friend Kedo Olson is smoking a morning cigar. We don't get to see Kedo that often, but we got to catch up with him the morning of the horse show, and it was wonderful to visit with him. He's a rodeo announcer, (he was there to announce Tygh Valley) so we've known him for years upon years. It was a beautiful morning, not too hot, not too cold - perfect for visiting and watching the B's ride in a horse show.

Here I am, leading Britt out of the 6 and under lead line class, his first ever! He did really well, and of course they ALL won  first place. He won a medal and a little prize, so he was thrilled.

See his medal? He had to put it on straight away!

This is Brailey Shaye riding in her class. Of course Brady and I are prejudiced, but she absolutely was the best rider in the class. However, western pleasure is something we are still learning, so she didn't win the class. But she rode perfectly, and we are prouder than proud of her! Unfortunatley, she is JUST LIKE her mother, and she gets nervous for things like this. So it was great for her to experience it and to get through those butterflies. Hopefully they will go away with some more experience... Of course it breaks my heart, because I know just how she feels.

Brailey and Tex leaving the arena with their ribbon! She won 4th... Yay Brailey!

Brady was the perfect supportive horse show dad, and he was right there to congratulate her as she left the arena. I, of course, was capturing it all with my camera.

Brailey and Rosin hanging out before the barrel race.

And here we are, waiting for the barrel race to start. They each did so well, and made it though the pattern. Both kids had to really cowboy up and make their horses do what they wanted them to, so it was great for them! Usually, Tex does something onery to Brailey, so it was great for her to get through the pattern for the first time. Britt doesn't get nerves like Brailey, so he just rolled on through, but it was his first time and he had to make Quickity go on his own, so it was great experience for him. Brady and I were proud parents, to say the least!

This is in Maupin on the Deschutes River, which is about 10 miles from Tygh Valley, and is a town famous in Oregon for rafting trips. I captured Brady waving to the rafters as they floated by - completely by accident, too! Maupin is actually my mother's maiden name, and the town was named after one of our ancestors. Brady wants to go rafting, someday - I'm not so sure about it, since I can't swim. It did look like fun, though, I have to admit. So maybe someday?

We had breakfast in Madras on our way home at the Black Bear Diner, which was filled with Black Bears! The little B's wanted me to take their picture with these carved bears. We were STARVING, and the food was to die for! All four of us ate every single morsel. It was a wonderful weekend, and now Britt's football practice starts, and life gets a little crazier after a low key summer. More on that and my resulting emotions later! Stay tuned...


  1. LOVE the pictures!! LOVE them ALL!!! omgosh the kids are just growing up soooo dang fast!!!!!

  2. I have eaten at Black Bear diner!! I think we ate there on a drive from Seattle to Bend for a wedding like 4 years ago? is that possible. I can't believe they did barrel racing - wow they are getting so GOOD! love Brailey's pics too ~ coley


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