Friday, August 13, 2010

Our Favorite, Corvallis!

Did you miss us? Big Mama's computer locked up and crashed last week, so I was unable to post all our exciting summer adventures for a few days. But now I have it back, thanks to my spectacularly smart boss, and I'm back in Blogging Business! Our latest adventure took us to Corvallis last week to the fair and rodeo. This is always a favorite for The 4 B's, and this year was the best time we've ever had! While Brady worked the rodeo, I took the kids through all the 4-H animals, which was hysterical to watch - Brailey is so gentle and sweet to them, and Britt was just fascinated. He didn't think he wanted to see the animals, but once we were there, he was overjoyed! I have to say, my son is a hoot to be around and to watch. We ate lots of corn on the cob, kettle corn and pizza, we went through the reptile and exotic animals exhibit, which had way too many snakes for Brailey and I, and even sat through a nice little religious sermon in order to get our "free" face paintings (just the kiddos). A magician performed coin and card tricks just for us on the last day while we ate our food, and I have to say he was really, really good! We saw hundreds of bunnies and poultry, and when the rodeo was over on Saturday, we went with Big Daddy to the carnival. It was a blast for the little B's and hard on the big B's backs, but worth ever second! Needless to say, we love the Corvallis rodeo...!

Here they are, ready to ride! I couldn't resist one quick shot with my camera before we took to the pen for a quick ride at home before the Corvallis rodeo.

And here they are in the Corvallis rodeo arena. As you can see, Britt is happy as a clam, and Brailey is a bit nervous. Her horse has done some onery things with her in the past, so she is a little leery of him in new places. However, before this weekend was over, she was even happier than Britt and got her confidence level up higher than ever.

Hanging out with Daddy on the fence before the rodeo. The kids loved sitting here during the rodeo, also, because we could see so much more action - they were thrilled! Britt has decided to be a bull dogger, now that he's seen what happens behind the chutes, which is music to his mother's ears, because I would much rather have him be a steer wrestler than a bull rider. Much safer option! And Brailey has been practicing her roping since we've been home, because she wants to be a breakaway roper, now. And guess what? She's got a great swing!

My little cowboy and cowgirl on the last day of the rodeo. See? Brailey is much more confident and happy, at this point.

They got to help bring the cattle down the arena, and they couldn't have been happier! When they were done, the girl on the horse told them they were "hired!" Britt said, "Great! How much money did we make?" A wonderful older gentlemen who was helping heard him say that and paid them each a dollar, which they couldn't have been more happy with. It was a one of those priceless moments Brady and I will never forget...


  1. yes I missed you on here...CUTE pictures!

  2. YES, I also missed you...glad to hear you're up and running again!!
    GREAT pics dear hearing about your adventures....the kids growing up soooo dang fast!!
    Love you you all!


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