Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pop Warner Football Revisited

I know, I know... More of the same! I just had to share these pictures of the little football guy in FULL PADS for the first time, though... I couldn't help it! Last night they started hitting and tackling each other instead of bags and coaches, so it was more interesting and fun. Britt did great! He is really enjoying football and is a joy to watch. Brady was able to come to last night's practice, which was a treat, because he has classes every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, which means he has to miss most of Britt's practices. So last night and Friday prior was a special treat for Britt. Here's a video of his first hitting drill... Can you tell which one is him?


  1. I love the fball pics - and the one with Brady is especially cute - your two handsome boys!! Can't wait to see you in Seattle... getting so close FINALLY! hugs, nicoley

  2. Is brittster man the cutest football player or what !!??


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