Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Challenge

I issued a challenge to my kiddos, last week. The challenge was this - to make it through the entire school year without getting sick. If they do? Then I will buy them a toy of their choice under ten bucks.

So what this entails is an extra awareness of germs, using hand sanitizer after recesses, not touching doors with their hands, and a whole lot more! You know, like not drinking out of public water fountains. And basically NOT TOUCHING ANYTHING with germs on it.

Am I a germ phobic, you may ask? Yes. Yes I am. And proud of it! There is almost nothing I hate more than being sick, so yes, I try to avoid germs at all costs.

I remember when I was in college and working in the public relations office as a student, the executive assistant to the Vice President was a germ phobic. Jean was her name, and she was a younger gal, and I remember we used to laugh at her (behind her back, of course), because she was so fanatical about never touching anything. Like in the elevator, she would use her keys. And now, here I am, years later, basically just like her! I never touch the pads on an elevator when I am forced to use one. And I certainly don't touch the sides of the escalator. And after I use an ATM or a touchscreen, like a Redbox? I use hand sanitizer. Truth be told, I could be even more careful, and come to think of it, maybe I will...

Alas, the challenge has already gone south for my poor Brailey Shaye-Shaye... She came down with a cold on Sunday. At first, we thought she was allergic to Brady's gun cleaning supplies he had in the house, but it became quite clear it was a cold. So she is bummed about not meeting "The Challenge," of course. I'm sure Britt will soon have her cold, and be "out," too. But he is actually trying to be very careful around Brailey, so you never know - maybe he'll sneak by... However, he admitted to me that he used the drinking fountain yesterday at recess, so it will probably be some other bug that gets him.

Whatever. I'm still buying hand sanitizer to put on their desks!

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