Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pop Warner Football Jamboree 2010

These are pictures I took of our little football man right before we left... The first one showcases his "mean" football face. In the second, he is waving because he thinks that is a fun thing to do in pictures. And in the third, he is trying to see his name on the back of his shirt - he was so thrilled to have his last name printed on there! This is the third time in a row he has been given the number 7, so we decided it must be his special number - isn't that bizarre and cool all wrapped together?

We had a big time at our first Jamboree. They played four mini games of 20 minutes each, so we were there for a looooooooooooong time, but the weather was fabulous, and it was super fun for the "boys of fall." Poor little Shaye-Shaye was bored to tears, but she's a trooper and she managed to survive. Both of my B's are enjoying school and have already adjusted to their new school schedules, so what can we say? It's a good life!

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