Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Summer's Vacation Ends

The cutest football player on the field (I'm the mom, so I can say that, remember?) and the best big sister ever in her diva sunglasses.

We ended the summer the same way we started it, with a special sleepover between the B's and the Lambert cuties. This time, the girls went to the Lambert's and the boys came to the Murray's homestead. Brady talked me in to going on a 4-wheeler ride with the boys, and they had a ball! Then they played Star Wars and pirates and found bird feathers and were the best boys in the world. They are the absolute sweetest boys you will ever find, I'll tell you that, and possibly the funniest! This was Griffin's first sleepover, and it was the first one for Brailey, too. They both did great! On the way to our house, Griffin told Britt he was so excited to spend the night because "you're the only friend that's like family." Almost made Big Mama cry! Isn't that sweet? He also said another sweet thing the other night at their house to Britt - he said, "The only friend I need is God and Britt!" Those are truly precious moments, I'll tell you. The four kiddos are more like cousins than anything else. It is so wonderful to have friends in our lives like the Lamberts! We had a great summer, no doubt about it, and no doubt about the fact that I am blue today, the last day before school starts. But time does fly, so hopefully it won't be long before I'll be sitting here writing about summer adventures. In the meantime, we have lots to keep us busy, and it is sure to be an exciting year. Stay tuned for First Day of School pictures (if I can take them through the tears I'm bound to shed)... Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO and DO I REALLY HAVE TO SHARE MY BABIES?

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  1. oh my...I'm crying right now reading this! Those boys are so cute. I LOVE those pics! They look so old :( but they are still sweet babies! love ya twin!


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