Thursday, September 16, 2010

Surprising Adjustments

Wow. Who would have thought the only one struggling to adjust to life's Back-to-School scheduling would be Big Mama? YIKES! Actually, (and I can't believe I'm going to say say this...) I've been pleasantly surprised by many things, this fall! It has been hard on me, for sure, but a lot of good has come out of this time of year, and I can hardly believe it!

First of all, I have to admit the day goes by super fast. I thought the time spent away from my babies would just drag by, but so far, it hasn't at all. I can't believe it! After I drop my little B's off, I drive home home and get to work, and before I know it, it's time to go get them! Amazing...

And dropping them off has been a wonderful surprise, also. One, we really lucked out in classroom placement, and they are directly across the hall from one another. Two, it has been great not to have to rush from one school to the next, like I did the last two years while Britt was still in Coburg going to pre-school and kindergarten. I can loiter as much as I want, this year, which I truly enjoy. I love seeing other parents who have become my friends and chatting with the beloved teachers.

Another surprise has been my morning routine. I used to get on the computer right away and check things out online before it was time to wake my kiddos up, but now, I wait until I get home from dropping them off, and this has been great! One, I'm not running around like a crazy person, because I lost track of time on the computer, and two, I'm better able to focus on my babies in the mornings. And we have more time for our morning bible reading. The reason for this change has been, believe it or not, lunch - this year, I am packing both B's a lunch, which they love. I've always made sure they have a good breakfast, but this year, I am cooking even MORE, and the rest of the time is spent making their lunches. And I feel good about what they are eating, now, and they have been finishing their food on the way home from school after I pick them up, so nothing is getting wasted, and that makes me even happier!

The best surprise of all, this fall, has been the happiness in my children. They are thrilled with life, right now! They both love their teachers, and they like their school, too. Brailey told me yesterday that she just felt GREAT! She said, "Mom, I'm just sleeping so good and I feel great! Isn't that wonderful?" Yes, it certainly is. And Britt said he loves two things about his school, the lunch room and recess. He said, "Mom, I LOVE our lunch room!" I can just see him eating his food and talking with his new friends. Seriously, though, what more can a mother hope for than for her children to be happy when they are at school? As long as they feel happy and secure, then I feel the same way.

I wonder if they feel more secure because they are both at the same school, now? They are so close to each other, I wonder about that... If simply being in the same vicinity makes them feel more okay with the world... I'm guessing the answer is yes!

So while my heart misses them TERRIBLY, I am grateful to know they are doing so well. And Britt did admit to me yesterday that he misses me. He always knows how to make me feel special... He said, "I realized I was all alone, yesterday, without my mom." Apparently, that never dawned on him in kindergarten... In any case, I'm thrilled my B's are thrilled, and although there is definitely more pressure in schedules, we're doing good! We're doing good.


  1. I miss you in the hall with ME!!! I'm so glad they love it..and Bible reading in the morning? you are amazing!! :)

  2. love the updates....and yes, it does our hearts good to know our kids are are sooooooo blessed my dear friend, as you already know....wish you lived closer so MY grandchildren could know Britt & Brailey...
    take care, love ya~


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