Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lone Pine Farm and Pop Warner Fun

On Sunday, we made it out to Uncle Boone's farm, and he spoiled the B's! He let us go through the corn maze, donated pumpkins to Britt's class, and let us ride on the Cattle Train. It was so much fun! We also picked out the most perfect pumpkins ever for ourselves. In the picture above, you see the B's with their "clue cards" for the corn maze, Big Daddy patiently waiting for them to figure it out. The picture below is the entrance...

And then, for the second half of the day, we were thrilled to have Grammy and Papa come over from Burns to watch Britt play in one of his football games. Nothing like a six hour drive to watch your six year old grandson, eh? It was worth it, though, because Brittster Man and Papa bonded over football and Britt was truly proud to have his grandparents at the game to watch him. Papa treated us to Dairy Queen's hot fudge sundaes after the game, so it was an extra special visit!
Britt and Brody playing "Rocks Paper Scissors" on the sidelines...
All of us together after the game... The sun was BRIGHT!
Britt and his proud Grammy - he's almost as tall as her, now. Yikes!
And the absolute best big sister in the world, carrying her brothers helmut for him after the game. Seriously, how many sisters would do that for their brother? She's a special one!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

 Thing 1 and Cindy Loo Who? We didn't plan it this way, but after we were done with our masterpiece hairdos, we decided that is what we looked like. And when we got to school, everyone thought that is what we were shooting for, so that added to our fun!

 Thing 1 saying "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!" Apparently, that is how he talks on the Cat in the Hat show...

 Cindy Loo Who being craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!

Back home from school, still looking crazy. My babies are so CUTE! And fun... I just love 'em!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seattle Adventure, II

See who the little B's are with? Our special, wonderful, super good family friend and Brailey's former ice skating coach, the lovely newlywed, Alli Jo! The two B's are wearing the shirts she gave them for being in her wedding - Brailey's says "Hand Picked" with the date on the back, and Britt's says "King of the Rings" with the date. Allison and her new husband moved to the Seattle area in August to co-manage an ice rink, and we have been missing her like crazy! So you can understand how excited we were to see her... And OH MY GOODNESS did us 4 B's have the time of our life this past weekend in Seattle! Brady was fortunate to be one of the judges for the PBR held in Kent, which is a town next to Seattle, and so we used the opportunity to see our family and friends, and there wasn't a dull moment one... So keep reading! This is an adventure you won't want to miss, I promise.

So one of our most favorite people on the planet, besides Allison, is Aunti Nicoley! She is an excellent planner of activities, and so she planned our afternoon and took us to the most amazing places... Here, you see her telling the kiddos about the Fryes of the Frye Art Museum, which we LOVED! It was wonderful to see such beautiful art and she gave us a special tour, because she used to be a volunteer tour guide for school children who came with their teachers to experience the museum. The little B's are artists, themselves, as is Nicoley, so it was truly fun to hear all the background and educational facts about the museum itself and the art diplayed. So fun! You can see Allison is holding Nicoely's baby, Jason, who is already 8 months old! How did he get to be that old so fast?!
This is a really cool "chatty chair" like the Frye's used to have in their home. I want one! Is that fun or what?!
Our beloved Nicoley with her adorable little man... He was a perfect baby through all the activity!
Next, Nicoley treated us (she said she had a coupon, but I think she just said that so she could spoil us some more) to the Children's Museum, which was a marvelous facility aimed at none othere than... you guessed it! Children! It is an amazing place to go, and we had a big time there playing with all the kid stuff. And there was a LOT of stuff to do...
Like crawling through this tunnel. Do you see Nicoley in the background? Jason growled and grunted his way through here - he liked the echoes from his voice, which were so cute!

Britt looks like he's really driving a bus here, doesn't he?
I love this picture...

There is nothing more nervewracking than having little kids hold a baby, but I've heard little kids will never drop a baby, and they didn't. Jason was a good sport through all of this chaos. He's such a good baby!

Our last stop was at this fantastic pirate store, filled to the gills with pirate stuff. Britt, of course, loved it! He lost his first front tooth the Friday before our trip, so he's got a great pirate grin, right now.
And  these are some fun pictures I took outside the Showare Center before the bull riding. We met my cousin Cindy and her husband John, my Aunt Mary and her friend, Pat for breakfast before the bull riding, and it was so much fun! Not only did John and Cindy treat us all to breakfast (thank you so much!), they brought the kids these super fun hand held games called "20 Questions," which were a major hit, AND educational! 

Here they are in the back of the pickup, playing 20 Questions... Brailey kept telling me, "Mom, I LOVE this game! It is so much fun!" They've never had a hand held game of any kind, before, so this was (and still is!) a real treat for them.

Britt got to go behind the chutes at this bull riding, for the first time, and he had a blast! One of the cowboys made sure he wouldn't fall into the pen of bulls, and of course Britt talked his ears off. I know I'm his mother, and I know Brady's his father, but we were so proud of him! He was adorable back there. And Brailey sat with me, which was fun, too, because we got to talk about all sorts of things and play her new game (and I played Britt's!). It was a great PBR show, too. Lots of fun!
Britt is such a sweetie boy, he blew me a few kisses and waved to me from his spot with Brady behind the chutes. I think this is such a fun picture...!

And here is my family! Aunt Mary, Cindy and John with the 4 B's. Pat took this picture for us, and it turned out great! Aunt Mary had us come to the van after the show. After breakfast, she had gone shopping for the B's and got them the most perfect gifts ever... A pirate ship for Britt and a huge set of ornaments to paint and decorate for Brailey! Needless to say, the kiddos were THRILLED! Britt literally carried the pirate box on his lap the entire drive home, and it was a good sized box! Aunt Mary figured out their interests just from our breakfast conversation... Isn't that so sweet? Melted my heart... It was SO GOOD to see my family! And we are going to see them again, because the two little B's and Big Mama are going to head back to Seattle SOON! We want to go at the beginning of Christmas Vacation like we did last year. We have three major reasons to go - Nicoley Jo, Alli Jo and my family... Next time, we're going to go ice skating, ride the ferry, take the underground tour, visit the aquarium and maybe even visit the Children's Science Center. We can't wait! There is nothing so wonderful as spending time with the people you love, and we love our Seattle people! We love them a LOT!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Father and Son on the Sidelines

Brady was able to make it to Britt's practice, last week, and I got this adorable shot of them on the sidelines. They had a fun "no pads" practice, that night, and the kids had a blast. Britt is starting to figure the game out, and he's coming on strong, now! Too bad we have to miss his game this Sunday, but there will be plenty of other ones. At last night's practice, Britt made his first "real" tackle, and we were all there to see it, and it was a precious, priceless moment that we will always treasure in our memory bank. We all cheered for him as if it were a game saving tackle in the Superbowl. Yay Britt!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jaden's Special Thank You

We received in the mail this week the absolute nicest thank you card we've ever been given... It was darling! It was addressed to "The Four B's," and on the front it says, "Thank you B's!" And this is what the inside reads...

"Thank you for the card Brailey! I absolutely love it and I know you put a lot of thought into it. Thank you for the flower clip. It is adorable! I totally love the Maroon Five CD. I try to listen to it every day! The frame you got me with our pic in it is awesome. I love the Miley Cyrus designed outfit you got me, and we have matching shirts now! I love you, and you are our family. Love, Jaden (AKA Bunny)"

She's only TEN YEARS OLD, and writes a nicer thank you than most adults. Is that amazing? Of course it brought a tear to my eyes (you know, the ones that never cry?) at the end. PRECIOUS! And a beautiful keepsake we will be saving forever.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Random September Shots

This is a fun birthday card Brailey made for her bestie, Jaden. One day she started creating pictures out of pieces of yarn (my innovative little ar-teeeeest!), and so I told her to make a card for Jaden doing that same thing, and this is the fabulous creation she came up with. I think it is adorable! She was kind of under the weather when I took this picture, but I had to get a good shot of the masterpiece before we gave it away.
And here we have Brailey teaching Quincy how to do the Knifty Knitter... Through Britt's football, I have met yet another knitter, and we have become fast friends! She taught me how to use the Knifty Knitter to make hats, and from that, it has spread like wildfire! Brailey is working on a hat, Britt wants to learn, and my Twin, Little Mama, got a set of the "Nifty" looms, which inspired her own mother to get a set, and Kimmy and her mom are master knitters, so you know how great the Nifty Knitters are! So anyway, one day at the beginning of Britt's practice, which is before Quincy's, he saw Brailey working on her hat and he said, "I want to learn how to do that." And so Brailey taught him, right then and there!. And he worked on it up until the time he had to go to his own practice. Is that adorable or what?! And when his little brother Brody and Britt came over to get a drink of water, they saw Quincy and guess what they said? Brody said, "Hey! I want to learn how to do that, too!" And Britt said very matter of factly, "Yah, I'm going to learn." And their super tough football buddy Owen, whose mother is the new knitting friend that started the entire craze, stood and drank his water, observing and processing the whole scene. I wonder if he might dare to give it a try, too? Is that hilarious or what?! Tough little football boys learning to knit hats... I love it! And by the way? My uncle was one of the best knitters on the planet!
And this is a silly picture of me being a dork... I had Brailey take this picture, because this horse is SO TALL! He is pure Thouroughbred, an old man, who was used for jumping back in his "Hey Day," and his whithers (the top of his shoulders) are as tall as the top of my head! No warm blood or draft horse blood in this guy, either, and he's that tall! And he's a sweetie boy, too. Like Britt, a "gentle giant!" Anyway, just something fun to throw in the hodge podge of pictures... To make you smile!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tiny Mite Football Fun

Look at those long Murray legs! He is so the sweetest football boy in the world. Yes, my Mama's Boy is going to have to learn how to turn on some MEAN when he's playing football. He's a Gentle Giant, at this point, but someday it will all click and he'll get his confidence up and be aggressive. I love my sweet little man!
He's got a wiggly-jiggly loose tooth! Both of his front teeth are loose, but he popped one a little looser than the other, and it is on his mind at all times. Of course I had to go over to him after this picture and tell him to NOT put his hands in his mouth after touching that disgusting germ infested football field... I just had to!
Brailey and her friend Quincy (Hot Mama's oldest son) handed out the treats and drinks after the game. They were SWARMED by the little players like an angry mob of wasps! I doubt if Brailey will ever want to do that job again... Brailey and Quincy went to Preschool and Kindergarten together, and they're still good buddies today. Quincy is a sweetheart of a boy!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Lamp Business

Where's B and B? Can you find them amongst all the lamp bases? The top photo could be one of those pictures for a Look and Find or Where's Waldo? book! Funny... So yah! I'm making a few lamps. Ten, to be exact. Yay me! I finally, after giving up on my lamp business, got a big order! These lamps are for awards for a rodeo association, and it has been a mad scramble to get the project pulled together. I had to order the bases from California, and thanks to my beloved mother-in-law and one of Brady's truck driving buddies, I was finally able to get them to Oregon. I've been working on them for the past several days, frantically trying to get them ready, and now I am nearly done. It is going to feel so good to have them all finished and out of the house! I just hope the people who end up with them like them... That's always a toss up, you know? People either love them or hate them. Keep your fingers crossed for me! If they're a hit, maybe my "business" will grow... The funny thing about these lamps is that people in this part of the world always think they can figure out how to make them themselves. And it is a family secret my mother-in-law taught me on the condition I would tell NOBODY the recipe. People always want to know how they are done, though. In Texas, these things sell for a pretty penny! The folks down there don't care about how they were made or if they could do it better. Brady's sister in Texas is a big time decorator, and she's decorated for Chris Cox and works with Bob Tallman's wife, and they get all their lamps from Brady's mom, of course, and people are just crazy about them, because they are so beautiful and unique and truly spectacular. I guess they know a good thing when they see it down in Texas. In the Pacific Northwest, though, it is a different story. I wonder about that all the time... For one thing, we are cheap! Yes, myself included. I'm just as guilty as the next person, always seeing how I can make something I see in someone else's place myself. I even tried jewelry making! But I have discovered that we are all talented at different things, and as far as my lamps go, I'm not as good at making them as Diana is, but I'm not bad at it, and I hope people will appreciate them for how unique they truly are. There are no two exactly the same, even if the picture is. If everyone started making these, they would become totally worthless, you know? I guess I am like the owner of Bush's Baked Beans - the guy who is always trying to protect the secret family recipe and has the dog who is always trying to tell it? In any case, my family has been super supportive of me while I make these - they haven't complained about the house being a sty, the laundry not getting folded nor put away (you can see evidence of this in the second picture) and the fact that our entire table is covered with lamp paraphernalia. And my little B's have been very good about not touching them, as well, which has been a big help to their Big Mama. And they've also been excellent moral support, telling me which ones they like the best and how "good" they look. Brailey wrote in her autobiography at school last week that her mother was a "lamp maker." Is that adorable? In any case, I am grateful to have such a big order to work on, and hopefully it will be the start of something bigger. I hope, I hope!

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