Monday, October 4, 2010

The Lamp Business

Where's B and B? Can you find them amongst all the lamp bases? The top photo could be one of those pictures for a Look and Find or Where's Waldo? book! Funny... So yah! I'm making a few lamps. Ten, to be exact. Yay me! I finally, after giving up on my lamp business, got a big order! These lamps are for awards for a rodeo association, and it has been a mad scramble to get the project pulled together. I had to order the bases from California, and thanks to my beloved mother-in-law and one of Brady's truck driving buddies, I was finally able to get them to Oregon. I've been working on them for the past several days, frantically trying to get them ready, and now I am nearly done. It is going to feel so good to have them all finished and out of the house! I just hope the people who end up with them like them... That's always a toss up, you know? People either love them or hate them. Keep your fingers crossed for me! If they're a hit, maybe my "business" will grow... The funny thing about these lamps is that people in this part of the world always think they can figure out how to make them themselves. And it is a family secret my mother-in-law taught me on the condition I would tell NOBODY the recipe. People always want to know how they are done, though. In Texas, these things sell for a pretty penny! The folks down there don't care about how they were made or if they could do it better. Brady's sister in Texas is a big time decorator, and she's decorated for Chris Cox and works with Bob Tallman's wife, and they get all their lamps from Brady's mom, of course, and people are just crazy about them, because they are so beautiful and unique and truly spectacular. I guess they know a good thing when they see it down in Texas. In the Pacific Northwest, though, it is a different story. I wonder about that all the time... For one thing, we are cheap! Yes, myself included. I'm just as guilty as the next person, always seeing how I can make something I see in someone else's place myself. I even tried jewelry making! But I have discovered that we are all talented at different things, and as far as my lamps go, I'm not as good at making them as Diana is, but I'm not bad at it, and I hope people will appreciate them for how unique they truly are. There are no two exactly the same, even if the picture is. If everyone started making these, they would become totally worthless, you know? I guess I am like the owner of Bush's Baked Beans - the guy who is always trying to protect the secret family recipe and has the dog who is always trying to tell it? In any case, my family has been super supportive of me while I make these - they haven't complained about the house being a sty, the laundry not getting folded nor put away (you can see evidence of this in the second picture) and the fact that our entire table is covered with lamp paraphernalia. And my little B's have been very good about not touching them, as well, which has been a big help to their Big Mama. And they've also been excellent moral support, telling me which ones they like the best and how "good" they look. Brailey wrote in her autobiography at school last week that her mother was a "lamp maker." Is that adorable? In any case, I am grateful to have such a big order to work on, and hopefully it will be the start of something bigger. I hope, I hope!


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