Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Seattle Adventure, II

See who the little B's are with? Our special, wonderful, super good family friend and Brailey's former ice skating coach, the lovely newlywed, Alli Jo! The two B's are wearing the shirts she gave them for being in her wedding - Brailey's says "Hand Picked" with the date on the back, and Britt's says "King of the Rings" with the date. Allison and her new husband moved to the Seattle area in August to co-manage an ice rink, and we have been missing her like crazy! So you can understand how excited we were to see her... And OH MY GOODNESS did us 4 B's have the time of our life this past weekend in Seattle! Brady was fortunate to be one of the judges for the PBR held in Kent, which is a town next to Seattle, and so we used the opportunity to see our family and friends, and there wasn't a dull moment one... So keep reading! This is an adventure you won't want to miss, I promise.

So one of our most favorite people on the planet, besides Allison, is Aunti Nicoley! She is an excellent planner of activities, and so she planned our afternoon and took us to the most amazing places... Here, you see her telling the kiddos about the Fryes of the Frye Art Museum, which we LOVED! It was wonderful to see such beautiful art and she gave us a special tour, because she used to be a volunteer tour guide for school children who came with their teachers to experience the museum. The little B's are artists, themselves, as is Nicoley, so it was truly fun to hear all the background and educational facts about the museum itself and the art diplayed. So fun! You can see Allison is holding Nicoely's baby, Jason, who is already 8 months old! How did he get to be that old so fast?!
This is a really cool "chatty chair" like the Frye's used to have in their home. I want one! Is that fun or what?!
Our beloved Nicoley with her adorable little man... He was a perfect baby through all the activity!
Next, Nicoley treated us (she said she had a coupon, but I think she just said that so she could spoil us some more) to the Children's Museum, which was a marvelous facility aimed at none othere than... you guessed it! Children! It is an amazing place to go, and we had a big time there playing with all the kid stuff. And there was a LOT of stuff to do...
Like crawling through this tunnel. Do you see Nicoley in the background? Jason growled and grunted his way through here - he liked the echoes from his voice, which were so cute!

Britt looks like he's really driving a bus here, doesn't he?
I love this picture...

There is nothing more nervewracking than having little kids hold a baby, but I've heard little kids will never drop a baby, and they didn't. Jason was a good sport through all of this chaos. He's such a good baby!

Our last stop was at this fantastic pirate store, filled to the gills with pirate stuff. Britt, of course, loved it! He lost his first front tooth the Friday before our trip, so he's got a great pirate grin, right now.
And  these are some fun pictures I took outside the Showare Center before the bull riding. We met my cousin Cindy and her husband John, my Aunt Mary and her friend, Pat for breakfast before the bull riding, and it was so much fun! Not only did John and Cindy treat us all to breakfast (thank you so much!), they brought the kids these super fun hand held games called "20 Questions," which were a major hit, AND educational! 

Here they are in the back of the pickup, playing 20 Questions... Brailey kept telling me, "Mom, I LOVE this game! It is so much fun!" They've never had a hand held game of any kind, before, so this was (and still is!) a real treat for them.

Britt got to go behind the chutes at this bull riding, for the first time, and he had a blast! One of the cowboys made sure he wouldn't fall into the pen of bulls, and of course Britt talked his ears off. I know I'm his mother, and I know Brady's his father, but we were so proud of him! He was adorable back there. And Brailey sat with me, which was fun, too, because we got to talk about all sorts of things and play her new game (and I played Britt's!). It was a great PBR show, too. Lots of fun!
Britt is such a sweetie boy, he blew me a few kisses and waved to me from his spot with Brady behind the chutes. I think this is such a fun picture...!

And here is my family! Aunt Mary, Cindy and John with the 4 B's. Pat took this picture for us, and it turned out great! Aunt Mary had us come to the van after the show. After breakfast, she had gone shopping for the B's and got them the most perfect gifts ever... A pirate ship for Britt and a huge set of ornaments to paint and decorate for Brailey! Needless to say, the kiddos were THRILLED! Britt literally carried the pirate box on his lap the entire drive home, and it was a good sized box! Aunt Mary figured out their interests just from our breakfast conversation... Isn't that so sweet? Melted my heart... It was SO GOOD to see my family! And we are going to see them again, because the two little B's and Big Mama are going to head back to Seattle SOON! We want to go at the beginning of Christmas Vacation like we did last year. We have three major reasons to go - Nicoley Jo, Alli Jo and my family... Next time, we're going to go ice skating, ride the ferry, take the underground tour, visit the aquarium and maybe even visit the Children's Science Center. We can't wait! There is nothing so wonderful as spending time with the people you love, and we love our Seattle people! We love them a LOT!


  1. Great pictures!!! The baby is growing so fast!:)

  2. loved loved loved this update...the pics are awesome, Brailey is such a beautiful young lady !! and Britt, handsome handsome & I am sooo proud of you and Brady..they are such GOOD kids...
    love your updates with pics, enjoy....


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