Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I've been having a bit of writer's block, lately, and I was thinking about this as I was loading the washing machine and dryer, this morning, and I thought of what I wanted to write, but it wasn't very positive, so I decided not to write it, but then I changed my mind and decided if I DID write about what I wanted to write about, maybe it would be healthy and would unblock my mind for more positive thinking and writing...

Mind you, things have been going well for The 4 B's. We are all happy and healthy and feeling good about life. I am more thankful than I can say for this! However, that being said, I still woke up feeling extremely pissy and grumpy today. What is up with that?! For some reason, I just don't feel like myself, and I am irritable and negative and just plain grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So in the spirit of unblocking my writer's block and getting rid of all the negativeness, I'm making a list of the things I detest right now. Consider this post my "therapy journal," if you will...

Here is what I can't stand, at least at this moment in time...

1) Know-it-alls. Especially certain ones who will remain nameless on this blog, but if you know me, then you certainly know who I'm talking about. SO ANNOYING!

2) Phony people. They're usually the know-it-alls.

3) Snotty women. They're ususally the know-it-alls and phonies.

4) Poor customer service. What is so hard about being nice and doing a good job?! Get a personality, people, or get a different job!

5) Smokers. And you know what it is that most bugs me about them? It isn't even the smoke! It is their thoughtless behavior and the way they throw their butts wherever they want to. GROSS! I feel a bubble of rage every time I see a cigarette butt on the ground... OR smell their smoke in an area that is supposed to be smoke free.

6) Facebook. I think it is for people who need a lot of attention, and unfortunately, I used to BE one of those people. But now I'm not (on Facebook - I do seem to need a lot of attention, though, so how ironic is it that I write this?), thank the good Lord above and my Nicoley for encouraging me to get OFF. And I think the reason it is so popular is because we are a society dying to have someone care about us, and none of us feel like we matter. Thus, Facebook gives us that dose of being someone "special" that we all desire to be. All this being said, if you are ON Facebook, it doesn't mean I don't like you or think you are this way, just that I think a good share of people that are on Facebook are. There's always good with bad, you know. And I KNOW my Twinsie is not this way, so NOT YOU, TWIN! But a lot of people? They are. And furthermore, considering the fact Facebook has actually been used as a WEAPON against me, I really, really hate it.

7) Texting and cell phones. I only have a mobile for emergencies, and I despise texting. I would much rather talk or email... And it makes me sick to think of my babies growing up in a world that texts more than it talks.

8) Cleaning stalls, but there's nothing to be done about this one, is there? At least until my kids are old enough to do it.

9) The holidays. I think this is part of my grrrr-ness, today, actually. I have some stressful memories, and perhaps some post-traumatic-stress-disorder from my 20's... Nothing to do with my parents, just to be clear. And even though I have toned our holidays down and try to keep them simple, simple, simple, I suddenly feel STRESSED OUT about Christmas. And I want to be a happy, holly-jolly mom who makes wonderful holiday memories for my children, so that freaks me out, a little, too. Because I don't feel that way. YIKES! Let's hope I get there. Soon!

10) Messes. I hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE messes! I have tried to learn how to live with messiness in my life, but truly? Clutter breeds chaos, and even though it is a sign that you have a wonderful, happy family, I despise messes. They make my blood pressure rise more than anything else. And no matter how many times I try to stay organized, there is always another mess to clean up.

BIG SIGH... Well, I do think I feel better, now. The sad thing is, I read once that the things we don't like in OTHERS are the same things we ourselves DO. So keep in mind that I do not for one second think I am perfect. Far from it! On a NORMAL day, I am the most positive of the positive. Hopefully today will take a turn for the normal.

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  1. i'm so glad you don't think I'm an annoying FB freak :) love you


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