Monday, November 29, 2010


Have I mentioned that I have the coolest mother on the planet? I really do. I have always felt blessed to have the mom I have, and growing up, all my friends always wanted to have her for their mother, too. (I had to share her, once, with a girl my parents "sponsored," and I didn't like it one bit, jealous soul that I am...) So I wanted to share with you the incredible gift she is giving to me from something she "found." I think it might be a book, but I don't yet know... In any case, it is possibly the most special thing she's ever done for me, and I am so glad I have her to help me in my quest to become completely healthy and balanced in my life.

First, I had to read a handwritten note from her, which explained to me what she was doing. She is a wonderful artist, and now that her eyes have healed, she is drawing me a picture to go with the words, which she plans to send to me over time.

Here are the first words...

Let go of anything that ties you up or holds you down. Like apron strings that hold your children too close for too long. Let go of those suitcases and backpacks crammed full of old hurts, unhealed wounds, unspoken words, unlived moments, and unfulfilled dreams. Just loosen your grasp and watch them float off into a shimmering sky. Release yourself from the walls that you've built between yourself and others, between you and yourself. The walls you created to protect your tender heart, fragile soul. Make a list of others' rules and shoulds and have-tos, then tear up the list and write your own! Release any fears. The fear of being the wrong kind of mother, the fear of losing control, the fear of judgment, ridicule, or scorn. Release any fears and replace them now with love. Hold aloft a feathery bouquet of dandelions and release them to the wind. See how easily they scatter in all directions when you loosen your grip. When you loosen your grip and let go.

So that is what I am trying to do. I am trying to release my control on life so that I might let go of what doesn't matter and hold onto what truly does matter. I so love my mother...

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  1. WOW I'm crying at work!!! what a wonderful note of advice, and so nice of you to send it. I feel all those things and needed to hear this... coley


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