Friday, November 19, 2010

Still Breathing...

Turns out all I needed to get caught up was a "day off." I kept both B's home from school, yesterday, and took them to the doctor instead to see if they had Strep, and thankfully they don't - praise God! Just a nasty virus which entails a sore throat, headache, neckache and swollen lymph nodes, but no fever. So I got my stalls cleaned without being under the gun, and although we had to miss volleyball practice, we got our reading in without being stressed out about it (amazing how much better they can read when they aren't exhausted), and the kiddos had a fantastic day just hanging out with each other while I worked and cleaned my office. It was great! And Brady, who had meetings after work, brought us PRESENTS home from a gift card he was given for participating in a special study. So it was a great day! Now me? I'm the practical one - I would have saved the gift card to buy groceries or Christmas presents. But Brady is a giver, and he loves to spoil the ones he loves, and it was wonderful to see the joy on his face as he watched his babies open their toys, which ironically were from Toy Story 3. And I got a super cool Duck sweatshirt. Our 9th anniversary was on Wednesday, so it was sort of a belated celebration, considering we opted not to do anything for it. In any case, my office is cleaned, I finished a scarf and all the crap that was piled by the door has been moved to the shop, where it will eventually (sooner than later, I hope!) be moved to a new home. Today, it's back-to-the-grindstone, of course, but it is truly amazing what a little rest and recuperation will do for a soul. I feel normal, again - back to my normal, crazy self, ready to take on the world - what more could I ask for? I mean, really, when we get right down to it, "normal" is the biggest blessing we could ask for - no drama, no fuss, no muss. Those are the days we don't have to think about breathing, after all, because it just comes naturally.

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