Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Bits and Pieces

My little B's have been having the time of their life this Thanksgiving holiday, spending time with their grandparents and parents... It has been such a joy to have my mom and dad stay with us, from the perfect, relaxed, delicious dinner to the Ducks winning their football game to the Broncos shocking us by losing theirs and all the fun stuff in between, like the little B's...

When Grammy and Papa arrived, a commercial came on the television for KISS, and Papa changed the channel because they were so "disgusting." And Britt, who is totally fascinated with KISS, got a big charge out of Papa's attitude toward them, and immediately ran to his room to dig out his KISS tee shirt. He then told Papa, "I'm going to be KISS for Halloween next year!" Of course my dad made a big deal out of it and teased Britt and Britt teased him back, and Papa said, "Where did you find a shirt like that?!" And Britt said, proudly, "Mom gave it to me!"

That was Wednesday... Thursday, for Thanksgiving, Britt wore the KISS shirt, just to tease Papa. And of course he got the big raise he was looking for as Papa teased him about wearing such a despicable shirt.

Friday, the story had changed.

Britt loves and worships his Papa, and after bonding with him over football, he would do anything to have Papa's approval. So wouldn't you know, after spending the afternoon with his dad and Papa and sister while my mom and I went shopping, even more bonding took place. Fast forward to the evening, whereupon another commercial for KISS and Cherry Dr. Pepper comes on the tv...

Britt: "Do you like those guys, Papa?"

Papa: "No!"

Britt: "Me neither."

Papa: "Yah, but you have that SHIRT..."

Britt: "I know. My mom gave it to me, but I don't really like it."


My mom and I got the biggest laugh out of that transformation. Isn't it funny how little boys will do anything to become a MAN and win the approval of the ones they love? He went from loving the band and the shirt and teasing Papa to despising it just because he knows that will make his Papa happy... It is almost scary the influence important people have on little lives...

And then, later on, as we were sitting around the television, after the Ducks had won their game and we could all TRULY relax, Brady started asking my dad about the Vietnam War. He asked him all sorts of questions about what it was like. Brailey, who had been parading around the living room for the past three nights in different dress-up ensembles she had created, all of a sudden asked Papa a question of her own.

"Hey Papa, what sort outfits did you wear?"

My mom and I couldn't help but laugh... Only my sweet little daughter would want to know what "outfits" they wore in the war. My dad answered her, of course. "Well, black boots, green pants and a green shirt."

So you see, it has been quite the fun time, just relaxing and spending time together visiting and watching television. With the little B's around, we have all the entertainment we need.

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  1. LOVE THIS STORY!! Britt is such a is amazing the influence we have!!


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