Thursday, December 30, 2010


The most recent installment from my mother... I decided to throw this one in between all the Christmas updates. And now, here it is almost New Year's Eve! Time does fly... If only time could be balanced, but then again, that's the real trick, isn't it? Balance...

Face it! Mothering is one never-ending balancing act, performed under the bright lights in the center ring. Work. Play. Self. Others. Give. Receive. All. Nothing. In all things, find your center. In all ways, find the balance. Woman. Mother. Daughter. Wife. Inner. Outer. When you tip too far in one direction, find your center. Find your balance. When the teeter starts to totter, plant both feet firmly on the ground and find balance within. Too much. Not enough. Too strict. Too laid-back. Too loud. Invisible. Over-aggressive. A doormat. In between the extremes, find the place you call balance. When the swing settles down, feel the balance begin. The moment you feel you're losing your balance, slow down, unclench your jaw, then seek balance again.

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