Thursday, December 23, 2010


In the spirit of being the Queen B of The 4 B's... I adore this one! Although I have to say, it is a difficult concept to carry out. Sometimes I don't care what people think, and then I think I should. And sometimes, I care too much what people think and wish I didn't. Why is it so hard to just be me?

Be yourself first, a woman second, and a mother third. Be every bit of who you are. Be serious, be focused, be reliable. Be silly, be carefree, be wildly unpredictable. Be all you've ever believed yourself to be-----and then be more. Be willing to be a lot more than you ever thought you could be. Be more creative, more expressive, more loving, more sexual. Be happy. Be sad. Be angry and rageful and sometimes, yes, be afraid. Be the mother you always wished you had. Be the mother you always know you were destined to be. Be punctual or be late. Be ready to be disorganized. Be there or be square. Allow yourself to be your authentic self; let your spirit be all it can be. Show your kids what it's like to be a full-grown human being. Model for them how real life can be. Then be quiet, be still, and let them be.

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