Monday, December 6, 2010


I actually got two installments in the same envelope, this time. I love this one... I'm trying so hard to keep these words in my head at all times!

What you believe is what your life will be. So believe that which you truly desire. Believe that this phase will pass and so will every one that follows. Believe your instincts. When your heart tells you your child must go to a particular school or a particular doctor, trust the wisdom of your heart against all else. If they tell you everything is fine and you feel otherwise, believe your intuition and ask others to believe it, too. Believe the truth, even when it is hard or painful or nearly impossible to believe. When your child says he is scared, believe him. When she says she does not feel good, believe it. When your teenager swears she was not at the party, believe her because she is who you believe her to be. What you choose to believe is the life you create. Choose carefully what you BELIEVE.

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