Sunday, December 26, 2010

Children's Gospel Drama 2010

Every year on Christmas Eve, our church allows parish children to act out the Gospel Reading, calling it the Childrens Gospel Drama. The church is always packed for this particular mass, and this year, my little B's wanted to partake in it. (They actually acted the entire thing out earlier this summer - over five minutes worth of film!) It was a wonderful opportunity for them to try out their acting skills, and they absolutely loved every second of it. My angel-girl was, of course, an angel, and Britt was a handsome, serious shepherd. The pictures above these words are from us trying the costumes on at home last weekend before dress rehearsal (hence the bedhead and pj's). The picture below is from the "real mccoy" on Christmas Eve. The little lamby next to Britt is Daniel, one of his best friends from school. And coincidentally, one of Brailey's very dearest friends, Jonah, is Daniel's older brother, and he and Brailey are in the same grade, as well. All the children were adorable, and it was wonderful and a true delight to watch them participate in this year's Gospel Drama. Stay tuned for more posts regarding our celebration of Jesus' birthday...

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