Friday, December 10, 2010

GO DUCKS! Oh yah, we've got the spirit! And Britt got...

an autograph from LaMichael James, number 21, super star player of the potential National Title team, the Oregon Ducks! Can I get a big WA-HOO? OH yah! I've been temping at the UO Law School for the past few weeks, and guess who came by the Faculty Reception desk? You guessed it! I was so thrilled at the opportunity to meet the star of the team! I have to admit I was surprised at how short he is, which is shorter than me, although I'm not short, but I expected him to be taller than me, you know? Which just goes to show how determined and athletic he is. I was able to get 3 autographs from him - one for Britt, one for Brady's boss Max and one for the receptionist who was out to lunch when he arrived. Brailey was a little bummed I didn't get an autograph for her, but she already has one from world champion barrel racer Charmayne James (courtesy of her beloved Aunt Cindy in Texas), so I just reminded her of that and pointed out that she didn't play football like her brother did. If I had been thinking, I would have had him make it out to "The 4 B's," but I didn't think of it in my excitement. In any case, Britt was thrilled, Brady's boss was thrilled, and I was thrilled to have met him and that I was able to experience the sensation of a celebrity up close and personal. If only it had been Pat Monahan or Keith Urban... Can you imagine? As is is, though, Britt has something for "sharing" at school and a little keepsake to inspire him in his coming years of football. GO DUCKS!

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