Sunday, December 5, 2010


The latest installment from my mom and her special book... She is sending them to me this way because she knows I will actually read them - how well she knows me! This is a such a special gift, and I can't remember one I've needed or enjoyed more!

A mother's journey is to heal. From the moment you begin to contemplate life with children, you will come face to face with your thorniest unresolved issues. You will uncover ancient hurts around your own childhood and the mothering that was given you (or not). Embrace this singular opportunity for healing. Remain open to a flood of emotions, and flow with them until you find a healing peace. Give yourself room to heal and know that you heal for those who came before you and those who now follow. Create new endings to old, tired stores of loss and betrayal. Inspire your children with new legacies and new, life-affirming ways. Take bold steps to change painful patterns passed down through generations. Seek out the medicine that strengthens you and take authority for your own healing. Every mother who heals herself, heals her children, too.

I don't know which one means more to me - HEALING or RELEASE? They are both powerful, and so applicable to my life. I wish I could keep them inside my head all day long...

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