Monday, December 13, 2010

Mid-December Happenings

 Britt made this paper wreath all on his own and put it on his door all by himself, as well. He got it from school and brought it home, where he immediately got to work on coloring, cutting and glueing. Then he told me, "Mom, my halls are decked now, too. I put my wreath on my door."

My angel girl and angel dog, Brailey and Rosin, were snuggling on the couch this weekend... Brailey is always so sweet to Rozzy-girl. Rosin was lapping it up!

We made it through to the end! Volleyball was SO MUCH FUN! Here you see Brailey Shaye with her two awesome, wonderful, perfect coaches, Stephanie and Jonna. They were AMAZING! So encouraging and positive and their daughters are sweet little girls just like Brailey, so it was a great team for Brailey to be on. She learned a LOT about volleyball and made some good friends. Brady discovered he loves volleyball, and it actually turned out to be something our whole family enjoyed playing. Britt got to participate in Brailey's practices, and Brady and I got to scrimmage against the girls (parents vs. kids), so it was a blast for all of us! We are going to keep on working on volleyball, no doubt about it.

And guess what else? Brailey's team WON THEIR TOURNAMENT! After losing every game all season long, they CAME ALIVE in the tournament on Saturday and won gold! It was a real nail biter of a game at the end (I don't know what I'm going to do when my kids are in high school - I have to be up by 50 in order to feel comfortable with my team, whoever they may be). It was a great experience for the girls and for us parents, too. Needless to say, we were all THRILLED when they won the tourney!

My silly boys, Brittster Man and Griffy Boy - they had their last games this weekend, too, and to celebrate, their entire basketball team went to Dairy Queen for a "treat and trophy." Notice they have matching shoes? They were the cutest boys on the team - just ask their mothers/aunties!

 Britt with his trophy and basekball at home afterwards.

After relaxing at home and watching a Christmas movie, we loaded back up and went to town for the Coburg Christmas Light Parade. It was awesome, and the little B's got a TON of candy - just what we need, but that's how it goes, right? We also got a really cool stuffed bumble bee - it is huge! How ironic is that?


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