Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Remember who you are and stand in the place that is yours. Remember what you stand for and how you came to stand for it and make certain that others understand. Stand up to the bully who has the mistaken belief that he has power over you. Stand in your own place of power and you'll never have to step on another's toes. Stand firm when you know you are right. Stand tall when you know truth is yours. Stand up for your children, especially when they are in danger of standing alone. Stand in protection, in support, in solidarity. Stand beside your teenager in court. Stand up in front of the entire school board if you must. Stand alongside your partner when the show of support matters most. Stand your ground no matter what is huffing and puffing and trying to blow you off course. Sometimes a tree needs to bend in the wind, but the strongest are always left STANDING.

Hmmmmm... I think this is one that I actually do pretty well. I have no problem taking a stand. And I can bend when I need to. For example, after being treated, how shall we say... unfairly? Rudely? With contempt? Undeservedly? By certain people who were in my life, that is, I made a stand and I have left them out of the circle of my love. I made the decision to not be treated that way and to stand up for myself. People have put me down my entire life, since I was in the first grade and one of my classmates hated me because I had long, pretty hair and wore an adorable outfit my mother made for me with my name on it. So I've learned how to stand over the years, for sure. The trick for me has been in learning how to bend. If people who have hurt me come around and do their own bending, I always forgive. However, it's a fine line, isn't it? Taking a stand, yet bending when the wind blows... Because blow it will.

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