Tuesday, January 4, 2011


This one, I think, is perfect for the start of a new year! I think it is about being positive, more than anything, which is sometimes a struggle in today's world. But I like this concept - I'm going to anticipate that God has great things in store for us, today and every day.

Feel it coming. Trust it's almost here. Know that everything you've worked for and dreamed about is right around the corner. Anticipate the best possible outcome for all. Predict that the highest good will be served. See yourself with your newborn in your arms. See the color of his eyes before they're even open. Before the kids get home from school, sense that one of them has a story she won't be pleased to share. When they ask you to guess what they're thinking, get it right. Get it right every time and anticipate they'll tell you you're psychic. Anticipate a good report from the orthodontist; see the braces coming off and the bill paid in full. Take your umbrella because you know it will rain. See the future unfold with joyous anticipation. Look forward to tomorrow and the riches it holds.

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