Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Fashion Show

Last weekend, after we dropped Brady off, I was very sad and I have to admit I was crying... My sweet babies kept saying, "It'll be okay, Mom." "Are you crying AGAIN?" (I bet you can guess who said which one...) And so we went to Michael's, where we happened upon a HUGE yarn sale, which we of course spent an inordinate amount of time choosing from, and came home. So I decided to just sit and knit. I don't generally do this except in the car or in the evenings. So my little B's decided to entertain me with a fabulous "FASHION SHOW!" Brailey said they were doing it to "take my tension away." So if you ever doubted the sweetness of my babies, here is more proof positive they are amazing. Anyway, they each came up with their own designs, and the material on the floor is their "runway." And you know what? It really DID take my "tension" away, even if for only a few minutes. I am one blessed mother, and I thank God for that every single day of my life. So enjoy the show (see the pictures below) - it's a good one!

This is Britt in his "DJ" outfit. He came up with the entire thing by himself, which I thought was impressive. Except where is he seeing these dj's at?

Brailey in one of her own designs - she loves to draw outfits and take material she has and turn it into a dress with safety pins. A designer in the making, perhaps!
Britt said, "Oh, the buttons are taking too long! Just pretend my shirt is buttoned, okay?" Note the "six shooters" at his side...
My beautiful flapper girl! I love this picture of Brailey...
And this is a Ninja, which was made from a ninja mask and a Davy Jones shirt. Pretty ingenious, if you ask me!

And the grand finale, if you will, is this Taylor Swift inspired outfit. I believe the way she is holding her hands is meant to portray fingers on a piano.

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  1. Adorable! Look at how tall Brailey looks in the Taylor Swift! They love to dress up don't they? The other day when Brailey was over she put her arms into a pair of shorts and wore that was really cute, with an open back..we called it her "Oscar" look :)


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