Friday, January 21, 2011


Boy, ain't this the truth!

Guarantees. There are none. Period. You can feed your child the highest-quality organic fruits and vegetables, yet there's still no guarantee she won't catch the flu bug that goes around every winter. You can install every child safety device ever made, and accidents will still happen. Guaranteed. A child can be raised on an endless flow of unconditional love and encouragement---and no one can guarantee that he won't still hit some bumpy spots in the highway. A child who grows up in a house filled with books may decide she'd rather watch videos and surf the internet than read the greatest classics ever written. You can live your entire life for your child, sacrificing your own needs and dreams and pouring every ounce of energy you have directly into your child's well-being. Believing yourself to be the perfect mother, you can end up angry, frustrated and resentful at your child. And THAT one's guaranteed.

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