Thursday, January 6, 2011


Listen to the sounds of happy children playing, then listen to the sound of your smile. When your child is bursting to tell you something, listen. When she refuses to say anything at all, listen more closely than ever. Even when you're so tired, you can hardly keep your eyes open, listen when your teenager wants to talk about his day. Always, always, always listen to your own intuition. Today, listen to a different radio station. When the birds are outside your window greeting the day, take the time to listen. Lie down and listen to the music of your own beating heart. Listen! Did you hear something? Listen! Did he just say, "Mama?" Listen! Was that at last a yawn? Listen and hear yourself speaking the words you need to say---speaking your truth so others will listen.

Awwwwww, man.... This is a tough one, for me. I do try to listen to my children, and I think I do a better job than some parents do. I love to listen to them talk to each other and to me. But sometimes I get so caught up in my stress and worries that I just can't. This is a great reminder for me to be a better listener. My mom and my twin, Kimmy, are the best listeners I know, and I am more grateful than words can say to have them to listen to me. I'm really going to focus on this one. On listening more to my precious B's and to everyone around me...

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