Saturday, January 15, 2011


The most recent installment from my mom, who just so happens to be the best and wisest mother in the world...!

Unearth parts of yourself that are buried away, and reclaim the totality of who you are. Reclaim your music, your writing, your handwork. Recover your spontaneity, the free-spiritedness that once all but defined you. Reclaim that overgrown plot of ground and create a meditation garden. Reclaim that old sandstone building on Main Street, and uncover the businesswoman inside you. If you feel you've lost some essential ingredient along the way, go back and pick it up again. Reclaim two quiet hours each day. Reclaim your self-respect. Reclaim your faith in your God, no matter who has tried to wrest it away. Back-track until you rediscover the jewels you once stepped over and the tangled stories that have tripped you up. Recover your health and emotional wellness. Name it, reclaim it, and know that it is yours.

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