Monday, February 7, 2011

First Weekend in February Fun

Big Daddy and Britt at the Yakima PBR. My two handsome cowboys!
Britt and the "clown," who was funny to watch and listen to and kind enough to pose with Britt.
Big Mama and Brittster Man standing in front of this HUGE train engine on display next to the Columbia River. Brady stopped by on our way home to show it to us, and it was magnificent! It was an old steam engine, and I am still in awe at how big it was. And is - it is truly a monster!
And our Shaye-Shaye with her "movie star lips," which she already has naturally, but we brought these back for her, because she didn't get to go to the PBR with the other 3 B's due to her being super sick with pneumonia. She was thrilled to not have to go on the trip, though, and she got to stay with her bestie. Even though she was sick, she has a blast! Her Aunti Kim pampered her and even gave her a pedicure and manicure - see those beautiful nails? The other 3 B's missed her like crazy, but she didn't miss us at all! She loves those Lamberts THAT MUCH! I'm so grateful she was able to stay with them, because she really wasn't well enough to travel, and we don't have any family willing to help us in situations like this, aside from our parents, who live way too far away. But the Lamberts have become our family, and we are blessed! The kids are like cousins, and Kim has truly become my sister - you can't believe all the things she does to help me out! Anyway, it was a fun weekend, and now we are getting ready to celebrate Britt's birthday at the end of this week. And Valentine's Day! Yay us!


  1. that is such a cute pic of Little Miss! She was an absolute angel and about every hour the girls told each other "I love you" was a very sweeeeet weekend!!!

  2. omgosh...I hope Braily Shaye is doing better!!!! Love ya!


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