Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meg and Me

This is the funniest thing! Since I have cut my hair short, strangers keep coming up to me and saying, "Do you know you look like Meg Ryan?" "You look like Meg Ryan!" "You know who you look like? Meg Ryan." "Has anyone ever told you you look like Meg Ryan?" One lady even thought I sounded like her. Is that funny or what? I'm not sure it is true, but I find it complimentary, of course, and if you've read my previous posts, then you know how much I need attention, so what can we say? I've always loved Meg! If only I had her money... Anyway, what do you think? 
The REAL Meg



  1. I told you TWO people said that when you walked out of popcorn Friday that one day you stopped by! So weird... I totally see it...except you are WAY prettier!!!!

  2. yes! WAY prettier! actually I have always thought Goldie Hawn....seriously...


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