Friday, February 4, 2011

The Puzzle, Complete

Just in case you were curious about that puzzle the little B's and I worked on... Here it is! (Now you know how crazy I am - who on earth takes pictures of their puzzles, for pity's sake?!) The little B's and I finished it last week. I kept it out to show Brady when he got home, and of course he was impressed (or so he pretended to be, and I am choosing to believe him, because what's not to be impressed about, right?), and I ALMOST mod-podged it for my mom to have forever and ever because she really, really liked it when she saw us working on it a couple of weekends ago. But then we decided to do another, different puzzle, and so Britt and I wrecked this beauty and put it back in the box. Why is that so hard for me to do?

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