Monday, March 28, 2011

Another Spring Break, Come and Gone

Once again, time has passed me by... Truly, it is as if we were standing still and the week just swooped by in a blur. We didn't do anything too exciting, but for me, spending time with my little B's is always comforting and exciting. We worked on a special craft for a couple of days that Brailey found in this super cool library book she brought home - birthday presents for Grandma! We met our beloved Lamberts at Skate World one afternoon, which is always fun. On Friday I took them to see the new Diary of A Wimpy Kid movie, which is hilarious! (I ended up watching the first Diary movie last Sunday with them, because it just happened to be on, and if you haven't seen these movies, which are based on a series of kid books, I highly recommend that you do. They are super funny!)

We also managed to get some work done that's been needing to be done for quite some time, now. We worked in the yard (okay, the very small part that is actually considered a yard) one morning, pulling weeds, raking leaves and moving dirt. We picked up broken branches out in the horse pasture on another day. And we got their play area in the shop all organized and cleaned and cleared out. We are planning on holding a yard sale in May, and I was so proud of the B's for getting rid of a bunch of their "stuff." They worked so hard on every single task! I didn't realize how much they have matured over the past few months. I mean! They did real work, without complaining, and went and about it happily. I was so thrilled with them! And Brady was shocked when he saw all that we had done - he was very impressed. And actually, it inspired him to organize and clean some of his stuff. How cool is that? If you know me, then you know how truly happy it makes me when things are in order...

And now, after having the B's to myself for a week, I have to give them back. Again... Just when we have our hearts knitted back nice and tight, just how I like them, off they go to school. But not until tomorrow, thank the good Lord. I am so happy to have this extra day with them! One last day for them to sleep in and hang out in their pajamas and maybe even watch a little PBS Kids... One last day for me to cherish their presence with me and to observe their interaction with each other. One last day to listen to them play. Until summer comes around... And the reality of it is, summer vacation will be here before we even blink, because that's how time goes. 

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  1. Wow they are quite a pair of working kids! I used to like helping my parents with big outside projects - nothing like living on a farm I'm sure - but it makes you feel pretty grown up and valued in their eyes... I remember that feeling! Stacking firewood, gardening and weeding, painting... Home today with Jason he is SICK! He has a stuffy nose with snot and a yucky cough, thought it best to give him some mama love today...
    Hugs, coley


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