Monday, March 14, 2011

Jodi Picoult Meets Her Biggest Fans!

Here we are! After waiting for over a year, Little Mama and I got to meet our favorite author, the amazing Jodi Picoult! (See previous post Hooked on Picoult for more on this subject.) After a busy Saturday morning, the two of us hit the road in Blackberry (Kimmy's new car) and drove to Portland. The picture above is right after we got there on 12th Street in Portland.
This is the organ inside the church where the event was held - I've never seen an organ this big in my life! Isn't it amazing?! It was beautiful...
And here we are! Her two biggest fans, anxiously awaiting her arrival! We have been planning this since last year when I asked Jodi via Twitter when she would be in Oregon, and she tweeted me back (which was SO COOL!) and said in March 2011. Kim and I knew we had to go - we have read every single one of her books, and we still talk about the characters as if they are REAL PEOPLE - that's how they feel to us. It has been so much fun for us to talk about all the different things that happen in the books and to learn about new things, like humpback whales, a bone disease, bullying, heart transplants, Asperberger's and autism and even more! The two of us have truly bonded over these books, and it was a real thrill to see her in person and to hear her speak.
I wish I would have gotten a better picture, but I was afraid it was rude and distracting, so I only ended up with this one, but HERE SHE IS! She's just a tiny little thing, and so funny and delightful to listen to. She is brilliant! Listening to her was such a treat - I could have listened to her for hours on end. God blessed her with her writing and speaking abilities, and she is using those talents well.  
Little Mama and Jodi
The resolution was not good, so I had to leave these pictures small... But look how happy my twin is!
The lady in the red and white stripes is one of Jodi's best friends, and she is on tour with Jodi because she is part of her new book, Sing You Home. There is a cd in this book, and Jodi's friend, who is a music teacher, is the singer and composer of the melodies on the cd - Jodi wrote the lyrics and her friend put them to music. How cool is that?! We got to hear her perform three of the songs, and she has a beautiful voice, so it was wonderful to experience live. What a treat!
And here am I, with the beautiful Jodi. Kim and I had meeting her envisioned a little differently in our heads. We both thought we would tell her how much we adore her and that we are her biggest fans and how we wanted to bring all of our books for her to sign but only brought our two most favorite (Nineteen Minutes and Harvesting the Heart), but the signing part was kind of rushed, because there were so many people there to see her, and we didn't get so say as much as we wanted. We had wanted her to sign both of the books to both of us, but she only personalizes the new ones, which we didn't buy, because we don't like hardback copies. Still, I think she knew how happy we were to see her and that we truly are her biggest fans, and I bet you we were the only ones who drove two hours to see her. We had the absolute best time ever, and I hope she comes to Oregon on her next book tour, also, because Little Mama and Big Mama will SO BE THERE! 

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  1. those are some great pictures! I love that one of us on 12th! Yes we will be there...maybe next time with wolf lovers instead :)


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