Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Lesson In Appreciation

Well, I had another "great" realization, last night... I need to appreciate my babies more! I thought I was the "mother of all appreciation" when it came to that, but I had a wave of epiphany hit me, and I realize I am getting to be one of those other parents that I always judge...

Which is actually how it all started. Me being judged, that is. Us 4 B's were in our chiropractor's office a few days ago. We signed in, sat down to wait our turn, and I started to read the magazine on the coffee table in front of me (even though I worried about the germs as I picked it up). So one of the B's wanted to sit on my lap, and I said, "No honey, I'm reading." So they promptly went to Brady, who was also reading, but he put his material down and let the B sit on his lap. There was an older lady sitting next to me, and she said, "That's right. Take it while you can get it. They won't be doing that for long." Ouch! Her criticism definitely stung my pride. But only for a second, and then I thought, "She's right! Why did I do that?"

And so that brings us to my great epiphany, which occurred while I was reading in bed last night, whereupon I read about a lady whose son died from a tragic accident when he was twelve... Which made me think about my crankiness with my B's earlier in the evening... Which made me want to run into their rooms and hold them and hug them and kiss them and never let go!

I've already felt irritation this morning, and we haven't even left for school. So I stopped myself and those negative thoughts, and I made myself remember how fleeting their childhoods are and how lucky I am to be their mother. Because they are the most beautiful children I could have ever ask for, and because I am truly grateful to have them in my life, and because we don't know what this life will hold for us. And with that, I say a prayer to God to keep my babies safe.

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