Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sucked Back Into It

No, not Facebook! Is that what you were thinking when you saw the title? (Or did you even read the title?)

Either way, I haven't watched "it" for a while, now. I think the last year was when Chris Daughtry was on - his surprise elimination did me in for a while. Thank goodness he made it big, anyway! His elimination and the fact that the show airs way past my bedtime disillusioned me for a few years (think I don't hold grudges or have resentments? Ha!). Do you know what show I am talking about?

American Idol, of course!

For some reason, I started watching it here and there over the past few weeks, and last night I found myself watching a full episode, and now, to my surprise, I'm back into it! Usually, there is at least one singer in the Top 12 that I cannot stand. But this year, I think they are all good! Holy moly! I wonder why this is? Is it because of the new judges? I love the new judges, by the way. I didn't think the show would last without Simon Cowell, but I must have thought wrong, because so far, it is just as good without Simon as it was with him. And I heard him say in an interview the other day he felt this season is a better show than last season, so how about that?

I remember when Constantine was on there, years ago, my mom and I would discuss the show in great detail. We were fanatical! It nearly broke me when Constantine was voted off - I thought he would win the whole thing. I had to force myself to keep watching the rest of that season, but it was so close to the end, I had to... And then when the same thing happened to Chris Daughtry, it really jaded me. I've heard people say they think the producers of the show rig the voting and those big surprises are set up. I don't know if that is true or not, but I have to say it is a wonderful surprise for me to be back into the spirit of the show. And the biggest surprise of all is that I don't have a favorite. I like them all!

And, I even love the judges. Three is the perfect number, and I think they are spot on! I've always been a big Jennifer Lopez fan. She is gorgeous and sweet and fun and downright divaliscious. I've always been a big Aerosmith/Steven Tyler fan, too, and his infectious personality is as entertaining as Simon's remarks were on previous seasons. And Randy? Well, he's never been my favorite judge, but I feel like he's doing a better job, this year. I think the other two judges helped him rise to the occasion.

Have you watched this season? Do you have a favorite? Best season of singers ever? Best judges? Is anybody with me?


  1. Twin! You know I am a HUGE AI fan! I have watched and voted every season!!! IT's Stefano and Pia for me...and I do like that quirky Paul McDonald with wonderful teeth! So glad you are back in the game you need to vote :)

  2. You know i like the singing parts, but I hate the whole episodes they just judge and rehash the old stuff... I think J Lo is great this season - and I like a lot of the singers - the hippy one from last year was really good. My mom actually watches it pretty religiously but not sure now that she's single and on the town...


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