Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time Marches On


Man, I do not know how time could go by any faster than it does. In some ways, I am glad - only two and a half more weeks until I get to have my babies at home with me for Spring Break! And then there are only a few more months until summer vacation. So I guess that's the positive way of looking at the fast passage of time. On the flip side, I just can't wrap my mind around how fast the world spins.

So I decided to keep "blogging" away, for a while. Who cares if nobody reads it? At least is is therapeutic for me, and that is all that really matters, right? And it does sort of document my little B's childhoods. It will also be good practice for me to let go of "expecting" things (like comments) from people, also. Which is a hard habit to break after all these years! But there is also no time like the present to learn healthy thinking.

I think what has been bothering me about the blog is the fact that my family is going through something uber personal that I can't share online for the whole world to see. And that has been a little hard for me, because I usually write about my life. And I like to share, share, share, you know... (The 4 B's are fine, so don't jump to any conclusions, because you could never guess what is going on.)

You know what, though? Maybe this will be a good exercise for my brain. Maybe I need to broaden my comfort zone in writing and dig a little deeper into myself. After all, there truly are no coincidences. So here we go, marching into the whirlwind of time, with spring and lent on the horizon...


  1. yAY....I'm glad you came to your senses girl! I look forward to your words each week!!

  2. Love you dear friend...whatever you & yours is going thru, I wish positive to come from it....
    stay strong dear!


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