Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Brides (yes, plural!) and the Groom

Last Sunday, Brailey had her adorable little friend Hope come over for the afternoon. Hope is 3, and Brailey just loves her! Brailey is such a nurturing soul, she watches over Hope like a little mother hen, calling her "honey" and "sweetie." In any case, Hope's mom (my dear friend Stacy) and I were talking away about life and our deep thoughts surrounding it, and lo and behold, here came the brides! The dress Hope is in was from my first wedding - yes, I'll admit it! I almost gave it to Goodwill, several years ago, but I changed my mind at the last second. (And when I say last second, I mean I took it back from the Goodwill attendant and put it back in our pickup). Even though that marriage wasn't meant to be, I did love the dress, and somehow I knew Brailey would enjoy it one day. And oh has she ever! The other dress, the one Brailey is in, is one my mom bought for her to dress up in. If you've followed my blog at all or know us, then you understand how much Brailey loves dressing up. Anyway, the pictures above this text are just a handful of what Stacy and I had the pleasure of experiencing. One of those "precious moments."

To make it all even more memorable, it was discovered that Hope has a little crush on Britt - she just loves him! So earlier, she was dressed in a fancy red "dancing dress," and she begged him to dance with her, and in fact chased him all over the house trying to get him to oblige her. Of course, he loved the attention, but he would not relent and give up the moves. Finally, he told Hope, "Look. This is how it is. Boys don't like to dance, okay? We like to shoot BB guns and do karate. Girls are the ones who like to dance." Hope didn't believe him for a second, but Stacy and I got a big laugh out of him telling her "how it is," in that special way of talking that Britt has. So funny!

Then yesterday afternoon, I came around the corner and discovered the wedding game was still on, with just my two B's partaking, this time. Britt dressed himself, which you might determine from the state of his tie... They were thrilled to give me a few wedding poses. The last one is their "karate" pose.

Hopefully, their real weddings won't be for another 30 years! In the meantime, I'm glad they can have fun like this. I would have died for a real wedding dress to play in when I was their age. Instead, I had to make do with a light blue skirt I would put on my head as a veil. Ironically, that skirt served two purposes - a veil for when I was a bride and also a veil for when I was a nun. No wonder my own children are hysterical - the apple never falls far from the tree, right?

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  1. so dang cute!!! I'm glad you kept that dress!!! I might try it on next time I'm over..looks fun :)


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