Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Fun 2011

The annual coloring of Easter eggs! Last year, Daddy was trying to steal the little Bs' eggs to color, so this year...
We got him his own eggs to color! We were sure that would keep him busy. But oh no! He colored his eggs in less than five minutes, and still tried to steal eggs from his babies! Next year, we are going to remind him to "take his time" with his own eggs... What can we say? That's our Brady!
The Easter Bunny came Friday morning and took our baskets filled with empty plastic eggs - we were so thrilled! (Yep, we are big believers in the Easter Bunny around here.) And sure enough, he left the baskets Sunday morning filled with goodies and had also filled all the plastic eggs with delicious treats and hid them all over the ranch!
The Easter Bunny brought these shirts! AND, he even re-used the Hello Kitty and Spiderman eggs from last year! We just love that Easter Bunny... OH yah!
Of course we went to Easter Sunday mass, and both of my B's looked absolutely gorgeous, I must declare (and since I'm their mom, I can declare it!). Britt loves his big sister...
Britt has sensitive eyes like his mother, and he was having a hard time with the light in his eyes, hence the pained expression on his face, but you can see how very handsome he looked, and isn't Brailey beautiful? We found this dress and both of us just fell in love with it. We looked at quite a few of them, too, but this one was so Brailey Shaye!
And since we forgot to get a picture after we finished the eggs, I remembered to get one last night before bedtime. Here are my three "kids," with their darling Easter eggs. We actually figured out how to do tie-dye this year, so there are some cool ones! Now for the deviled eggs, right? We didn't hide the real ones, this year, because our basset hound eats them before we can find them. You know, that scent of a blood hound that she has... So you live and you learn, and we like discovering what the Bunny puts in the plastic ones, anyway. Happiness any way you look at it - it was a beautiful Easter! Britt said it was the best Easter ever, and Brailey said she thinks it might just be her new favorite holiday...


  1. Ewww... if your basset hounds eats the eggs - that must not smell very good?! How funny is that!? What beautiful B's you have, just love the sun in the eyes picture and your explanation - you crack me up! Hugs and loves,

  2. once the pics...just wish momma was in some of them!!!!!
    Looks like a wonderful Easter was had by all...and again, I LOVED LOVED LOVED the card....
    Happy Spring Dear Friend~


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