Sunday, May 22, 2011

Amazing Allies

It occurred to me the other day that I am blessed with some truly amazing, inspiring, incredible, downright awesome people in my life. I mean, I have always known these particular folks were special (I'm going to get specific about them in a minute), and I've always known I was lucky to have them in my life. It really hit me this weekend, though, just how incredible they are...

My friend Kristin... For starters, she is a loving mother to her four children and best friends with her husband, whom she adores - we all know being a good mom and wife is a full time job, and yet she still manages to put some extra oooomph into it. So in addition to being a chauffer, cook, housekeeper, family nurse and all those millions of things a mothers is, she works all day long on Wednesdays, she holds Weight Watcher meetings and leads aerobics classs throughout the week. That's not all, though! Even more inspiring? She took on the task, with her best friends, of coordinating the biggest event the school (which our children all attend) has. This event is so big, it required them to work on it all school year long. AND... Yes, there is even more! She is extremely active in our church, helping new mothers and always volunteering for whatever she can. And on top of all this, she has managed to train for and complete two half marathons! She completed her first on in the fall, and her second one this spring, which just happened to coincide with that big school event she helped coordinate. To do all those things and to be such a good mom and wife and friend and member of society is what inspiration is all about, don't you think?

My friends Renee and Sandi are just as amazing. Holy cow! It makes me tired to even think about all the good they do in a single day... I'll try to keep it short, but it is hard to be concise when the subjects (my friends!) are so incredible, you know?

So Renee. She is the most giving person on the planet... She never stops giving, and her energy never seems to wane. She is the absolute best mother ever to her two sweet, sweet, handsome boys. And even though she manages to hold down a very important, full time job, you would never know it, because her family is still her priority. And on top of all her working and mothering and being a wife, she just gives and gives and gives. That school event I was telling you about? She helped Kristin and Sandi coordinate it, and even though it was their first year literally "running the show," it went off perfectly. Mainly because the three of them work so well together, but also because Renee herself put in so much time - she trimmed 300 child-sized paper people the students decorated. Can you imagine? Holy cow! That is just one example of the work she put into the school concert. She recently allowed Brailey's class to visit her work and gave the class a tour. And even though she is swamped? She was thrilled to volunteer to teach me how to make cake balls for Brailey's birthday, which is coming up in a couple of weeks. Truly, the woman is an endless supply of giving and energy!

And Sandi, who is best friends with Renee and Kristin and helped them with that big school event, is every bit as awesome. She, too, is a giver. She has given Kristin and I some really nice clothing for our boys, which her boys grew out of. She, too, is one of those incredible mothers - she has three boys. Both she and her husband work in education, which in my opinion is a selfless occupation. And that is what is so inspiring to me about her... She was BORN TO BE A TEACHER! She first impressed me at the OBOB Swim Party with her talk to the kids about expectations before the swim. And now she is filling in for Brailey's teacher, who just had her first baby, and she has completely blown me away with her talent for teaching. Brailey came home crying on her teacher's last day of teaching. And the next day? After she had Sandi for a mere day? She came home excited, almost like she was starting the school year again, talking nonstop about all the wonderful things they were going to do for the remainder of the year. There are teachers, and then there are TEACHERS, and Sandi is one of the elite. And in the midst of preparing for her new job, she is still running her children to practices, cooking sit down dinners for her family, even if it is 8 o'clock at night, and you know she was a tremendous help to her two besties with that big school event. Wow... I can't even wrap my mind around all she does, and does WELL.

Only two more people I want to pay tribute to...

My best friend from high school, Nikki, who I mentioned in my post about her son's First Communion. She just got married this past Thursday! Yay Nikki and Bobbie! I've written about her before in April of 2010, if you want to learn more about her - she works full time, is a full time mom, and helped with all her son's First Communion classes all year long and has the most amazing yard and house you've ever seen, all earned by her own hard work. The most inspiring thing about Nikki , though, is her ability to get along with her ex-husband and his family. Truly, they are a class act, and I'm so grateful to them for being the parents and family Nolan needs. And she is the best Godmother I could have ever asked for to Brailey. She is something special, she really is.

And my bestie, my twin, my Little Mama, my Kimmy... I know I've already written a lot, so I'll try to keep it short and sweet, because I've written about Kim many, many times. But I can't help myself, because she is so damned incredible! Her family is our family, and we all love each other more than words can say. But the inspiring thing about Kimmy is her ability to give to her children. Not only is she an exemplary mother, she gives her time at their school every single day, working in their classrooms and running the Popcorn Friday corn popping and bag filling. This week has been especially grueling, though - both kids are in baseball, two different teams, one of which she helps her fabulous husband run. They've had nonstop games and practices due to the rainy weather early in the season. Yikes! Add to that the fact that this weekend is the big dance recital for our girls, which is a lot of time and energy to prepare for. And the biggest kicker? She helped put on the biggest fundraiser at her children's school, a huge dinner and auction. Not only did she put together all the baskets for the auction, she helped decorate and set up the facility for the event, all in the middle of baseball and dancing. And as if all that weren't enough to stress anyone out? She's had to it all while PMSing! Seriously, can you imagine? So she worked all week on the auction, went to baseball and dance every night of the week, celebrated her anniversary in the middle of the week, got up at the crack of dawn on Saturday to decorate for the auction, went to a baseball game for Griffin, got Jaden dressed with fancy hair and stage makeup for the recital, went to the recital, got dressed for the auction, then attended the auction until the wee hours of the morning, and now today she has to do the recital again... Makes you tired just reading this, doesn't it? I'm telling you, she is such an inspiration!

Anyway, I just wanted to write this as a tribute to all of them to say thank you for being so spectacular and I'm grateful to know each one of them and to have them in my life. They are all a marvel of inspiration! Totally A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. And I only highlighted a few of their good works... And frankly, they are only a handful of people I know who inspire me, but they are the ones who really "take the cake," if you know what I mean. Thank you, my amazing allies, for being so faboulous!

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