Monday, May 9, 2011

La Fiesta 2011!

Big Daddy standing in line with his two little B's before their big show. Brailey begged Brady to wear his tie-dye shirt for the night, and even though he really didn't want to, he wore it just for her. Now that's a good dad, yah?

The two little stars in our family in line for their Fiesta pictures.

This is Britt's face after I dropped him off. This was his first Fiesta, and he was super excited! Actually, it was the first time he had ever performed, so it was a big night for him. He did an excellent job!

A little like Where's Waldo... Can you spy the B's? It will be tricky for you! This is just half of the kiddos, but my two were on the same half of the gym, so that was cool. Britt was able to find Brady and I on the other side, straight across from them, and he waved and had his eyes on us the whole time. Brailey found us, too, with the help of her friend, and that marked the first time she was able to see us in the Fiesta audience.

Britt before his dance... Isn't he handome!? See him looking right at me so I could take his picture? Such a good boy...!

Brailey Shaye just before the start of her dance. They did a number from the 70's, and it was awesome!

After the show, proud brother and sister. They were fabulous! It was a wonderful Fiesta - Brailey's third and Britt's first.


  1. omg..these are soooo cute! They look so darn grown up!

  2. I really enoyed all of the Fiesta pictures!!


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