Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ninja Showtime

Ninja pose with gorgeous painted nails, which just happen to match JJ's... Of course! Toes included!
Yes! The two dancing darlings had their big dance recital performances this weekend, and they were fabulous! The dance theme for their group was "ninjas," and they were super cute! If you ask their mothers (Big Mama and Little Mama), their dance was the best of the younger groups... Anyway, we took a bunch of pictures, and these are only a handful of them, so I may post more tomorrow. They all turned out really well! It was a special weekend that we will never forget and hopefully something the girls can look back on in their old age and say, "Remember when we were ninjas for our dance recital and we got to wear real makeup? Oh, those were the days...!"
Ninja Dancers

Britt and the Beauties

Checking out her mascara...

Big Mama and Little Mama with their little jewels.

Here they are! The four most adorable kids in the world!

Brittster Man and Griffy Boy, the supportive brothers, who loved every second of the shows.

With their roses from Britt and Griffy...

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