Thursday, June 30, 2011

Before the Foot Injury

 My B's just love to play together. Here, they are playing with Brailey's Littlest Pet Shop toys.

And in this shot, they have moved on to Britt's pirates.

And this is in the doctor's office, waiting. And waiting. And waiting. Britt has been so supportive of Brailey with her cast and crutches. He helps her put the bottoms of the crutches on and off in the house, gets her this and that, plays with her where she can play... She couldn't ask for a better brother, that's for sure. And the ironic part of it all is that Brailey is the nurturing soul - she loves to take care of people when they are hurt or sick, and I often think she might one day become a nurse. She's getting around really well on her crutches - she's going to have some awesome arm muscles! They are attending Vacation Bible School this week and loving every second of it - more about that later. Stay tuned - more summer fun updates are headed your way!

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